The Free Tahmooressi Project

Written on:September 20, 2014
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The Free Tahmooressi Project is all about working together as Americans to help free a Marine left behind on the political field of battle in Mexico.

Sergeant Tahmooressi did what millions of Mexicans do and have done–he crossed the border unlawfully (accept he did it by accident). In the US, when we catch illegal border crossers from Mexico, we generally return them home. In Mexico, when a US citizen makes an accidental border crossing error, they are punished severely—a double standard.

Politics aside, we care about Sergeant Tahmooress and his family and we have had enough of inaction and abuse by both Mexico and our own government, which has failed to help.

It is against the Marine Code to leave a fellow Marine behind and we believe it is also against the American Code as well. Therefore, we are taking action to bring Sergeant Tahmooressi home to his family and we are asking everyone who can help to pitch in, if even a little.


We believe the best way to get Sergeant Tahmooressi released and returned home is to use political pressure from the highest level in the US government. Therefore, we want to get President Obama on newscast record to either tell the public he is a liar when he says no solider will be left behind or to show the public he has integrity and is good on his word. If so, President Obama will pick up the phone and call the President of Mexico and see to Sergeant Tahmooressi’s immediate release so that he can return home to the USA where he belongs with his family. It’s called grass roots action and helping our soldiers in need.

Given that President Obama loves to play golf, we thought we would go to his office on the Golf Course and tastefully confront him with a show of support from fellow off-duty Marines.

We wish to print up 1,000 golf balls that say PLEASE FREE SERGEANT TAHMOORESSI and we want 1,000 Marines to formally place the golf balls on 9th hole of the golf course before Obama arrives as he plays golf (so that he will have to try and find his ball among Tahmooressi’s balls! And we will have a minimum of 10 major journalists organizations and TV newscasters on hand to catch the action and Obama’s reaction (and any statement he might wish to make).

If possible, we hope to also have the support of major celebrity figures who respect our men and women in uniform and wish to lend this worthy project a hand.

This is a fun but serious project designed to make the president and public aware of this situation so that pressure can be put on Mexico to release Sergeant Tahmooressi. It is not political in that we could care less about any political aspect or consequences because our only goal is to safely bring Sergeant Tahmooressi home to his family where he belongs.


Needs List

We need the larger national community to help us with the following:

  • Secure a project coordinator for our organization to handle all oversight of the project.
  • Secure one or more retired Marines who can act as are our Marine liaison, event coordinator and volunteer recruiter for the project.
  • Secure 1,000 Marines stationed or living near Capitol Hill who can wear their dress-ups and attend the event at a “to-be-scheduled” time in the near future.
  • Secure one security specialist who can work on our behalf with the Secret Service to ensure safety for the president for the event.
  • Secure one golf course liaison who can arrange for our Marines to enter the golf course for the event and make sure they are fed a lunch while at the event (as our way of thanking them).
  • Secure one treasurer who can help us collect donations needed for the event (with all excess proceeds to go to directly to the Tahmooressi family.
  • Secure one auditor to ensure financial integrity of the donations and process.
  • Secure one spokesperson who can speak professionally on camera to represent our organization and the Tahmooressi family with respect to all press conferences.
  • Secure a group of event volunteers who can arrive at the event and help prepare and serve the lunch for our volunteer Marines.
  • Secure a volunteer team of webmasters, online marketing managers and social media coordinators who can help us cost-free promote the news of the event as well as gather any needed donations for the project and family.
  • Secure one or more major celebrities to help us raise awareness for the project through the press.
  • And more as might be required once the project is more underway.

The above positions are all volunteer and offer no compensation so please keep that in mind. Once The Free Tahmooressi Project is done and Sergeant Tahmooressi has been returned home to his family, the project will be wrapped up and shut down with no further volunteer contributions expected.

Please help Sergeant Tahmooressi and this project that we have set-up on his behalf.

NOTE: We are not prepared to take donations at this time so please hold on to them until our team and project has been fully assembled. Please spread the word about the project—this is American pride and respect for our Marines at stake here so try to do your best to lend a hand in some way.  Thank You!


Twitter = @CitizenAmerica1

E-mail = general@ (this website)

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