Trump Campaign to Crash and Burn

Written on:August 25, 2015
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The rocket roared and took off to unbelievable heights… then, seemingly out of nowhere, something hit it and it came plummeting down into a crash and burn scenario. Welcome to my prediction for the 2016 Trump Campaign and his failed strategy.

Now I will say this. I like Trump for lots of reasons. Mostly because he would be good for our economy. I will also say he has done lots of things right in his campaign. However, they cannot make up for the mistakes he’s been making. And no, I do not mean his brash talk and personal attacks, etc. I mean his actual campaign strategy and execution.

Of course, it helps I can pick the brains of a few top political strategists for insight. So let me give you what I learned and see if it clicks with you like it did me.

First, Jeb Bush is the candidate chosen on high by the establishment to win the election. He was chosen because he follows orders. Whose? Special interest. Specifically who? The Koch brothers, two people with more wealth than Trump and ready to use it against Trump. And they soon will.

The Trump attack ads are coming, says Xelan Bonn. They will come in from many directions to take the icon down, said Bonn. He did not do what is needed to prepare for it and by the time it happens, it will be too late to recover.

I think he is right. I think Trump is riding on his “Apprentice” show fame and the “novelty factor” he has with many voters right now. Lookie-loos. People just having fun and being entertained, for now. And like all good entertainers, he is drawing larger crowds. Curiosity seekers. Nobody of substance committed to him. And I believe that he will eventually crash and burn like a bad Erector Set in a bonfire.

Jeb Bush does not need to personally attack Trump. He has the Koch brother that can and will do it for him. They want Bush in office because that means they can make more money by dictating what the next president will do for them. The next president, they believe, is Bush. He will do their bidding because he owes them. After all, who else would put so much money into the Bush campaign and PACs?

At some point, the bombs will start to fall on Trump. They will come too fast and too furious for Trump to react properly. He will wrongly lash out at the wrong people. It will be used against him. And as he gets “burned” more and more, his poll numbers will drop more and more.

“Once his poll numbers fall significantly, he will almost certainly never get back on top,” said Bonn. “He’s not laying the groundwork to avoid disaster because he doesn’t understand the business model of political campaigns and voter landscapes. Neither do those in charge of helping him with his campaign,” he said.

I’m not sure but it sounds like Trump expects to never fall in the polls. I think he believes it cannot happen. That is the problem with over-size egos. They think they have everything pinned down. Sometimes they don’t. In this case, if Bonn and others I spoke to about Trump’s strategy are right, then we will see Trump, at some point, start to lose his footing with voters. Personally, I hope it doesn’t happen.

I think Trump would be a good president. However, many of the younger voters do not understand the roots and evil of socialism. Today, candidates like Bernie Sanders look great to them. Santa Claus. Socialism’s handout king comes to town. Yeah! Freebies! They understand nothing about the national debt or how it might collapse the entire US economy or how their goodies make the debt grow. They care not about America, just themselves. They want “free things” but do not understand they are not really free. And they do not understand Trump either. He will not get their vote.

Some may vote for Hillary Clinton, if she gets that far. Of course, she could be on trial for a variety of crimes by election day, let’s see. It all depends on how corrupt our government  and FBI are, so let’s see.

Then there are all the other candidates. Can any of them beat Bush or Trump on the Republican side? I doubt it.

Therefore, it seems that if Clinton falls, and if Trump falls, that will leave only Sanders and Bush. And about 40 percent of Democrats oppose Sanders so they might break ranks and vote for the ultra-moderate Bush (a RINO to most Republicans who know him). Therefore, it seems to me, that it the FBI  takes down Hillary and if Trump takes out Trump, the next president is Bush!

Trump could help Bush by his own failure to understand and plot a winning campaign. They say Trump lacks political sophistication.

I thought Trump would lose out by opening his big mouth one too many times. I thought he was toast a few times already. I was wrong. I’m glad I was wrong. However, I am not convinced he can make it into the winner’s column. He doesn’t appear to be smart about how he handles his campaign. He is missing almost everything he needs. He only has one position statement on his website and that position had nothing to do with the economy or jobs. It makes no sense.

Yet Trump keeps getting free publicity and I suppose that makes him a winner. At least temporarily. I am just sorry that I now believe he will actually do more to ensure Jeb Bush wins the White House than even Trump himself could have ever imagined. If we get Bush, we get 8-more years of Obama-light. That does not set well with me. So if Trump hands Bush the election, he will forever be the world’s biggest piece of s#%! to me, completely radioactive post election. I like Trump but not enough to forgive him for helping Bush win and destroy this country. Sorry!