“If America has turned ugly against your ideals, it’s not Her fault, it’s yours—being an absentee owner of your country, lazy to take action, partially informed or incompetent on the issues, immovable when the streets of protest and Her Majesty calls for help, assures the growth of irrational special interest weeds that choke Rights and ideals to dust.’

‘America is not a place, land or country but an ideal, and Her Majesty’s Crown is Citizen America–You—and if you are tarnished, will She not be as well? When America stops shinning, it is the blame of the natual corrupting weeds that choke out Her light, or is the blame of citizen ground’s keepers who stop cultivating understanding and wisdom, clearing the entanglements of Liberty and Rights so Her rays can continue to beacon their glory to World Hope!’

‘Citizen America is your tool for maintaining the grounds of Liberty, Rights and Ideals. It is the collection of all of You who refuse to let Her light die out—the You of whom see and will work for a more brilliant light.”

—Xelan Bonn, American Patriot, Founder Citizen America


Xelan Bonn, mba is past president Patriot Union of America and Editor-In-Chief of PUA News, as well as key contributor to Patriot Society think tank (which once advised the G.W. Bush White House to use an unpopular “Iraq surge strategy’ that proved successful). He has researched, written and lobbied extensively as an expert on a variety of middle-class issues, including national and border security and legal and illegal immigration, the economy and jobs. He is a political strategist and author of the highly documented, 630 page “Superpower Falling”, which he still refuses to release publicly due to its potential to be used by terrorist groups against US national security and the collective safety of the American citizenry. 

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