2014 Bill Would Permanently End Illegal Immigration

A 2014 bill would permanently end illegal immigration, according the bill’s authors.

Known simply as TARA, the proposed bill focuses solely on solving the issue of illegal immigration. The bill is housed at Citizen America, a nonprofit citizen rights and well being advocacy that is making the bill available to potential sponsoring members of Congress.

TARA’s highlights include:

  • Permanently ends over 98% of all illegal immigration within about 24-months with respect to issues of:
    • domestic enforcement
    • border enforcement
    • visa overstay enforcement.
  • Treats illegal immigrants with dignity and respect (keeps families together).
  • Does not require significant use of law enforcement or other public resources in order to ensure illegal alien compliance with the program (over 88% of all illegal aliens will comply voluntarily).
  • Raises over-all border security integrity from about 33% to as high as 85% by freeing up personnel and other federal resources from having to deal with mostly illegal aliens seeking work.
  • Has a $0 net cost for the program and to taxpayers.
  • Frees up from $100 billion to as much as $500 billion in local, state, and federal resources that must now be deployed for illegal alien handling costs and respective issues.
  • Separates the aspect of illegal immigration from normal immigration so that lawmakers can formulate more focused understanding and solutions for all pertinent issues and aspects dealing with immigration.
  • Helps normalize the labor supply of the market toward eliminating artificial constructs that devalue wages for all Americans.
  • Cuts law enforcement and other public resources needed for illegal immigration currently by over 95% post program completion.
  • Helps increase tax revenues and the economy by helping drive up wages for all Americans, hence strengthening per capita discretionary income and respective consumption.
  • Helps open up an estimated 4 million high paying jobs and over 5 million moderate paying jobs to US citizens, legal immigrants, and especially the Black and Hispanic communities.
  • Supports American values and the need for Americans to demonstrate their ability to be very compassionate and fair in handling this delicate issue while also supporting respect for law and order.

TARA is a simple bill proposal, consuming less than 50-pages in total and has been vetted by experts who are familiar with the illegal immigration issues. It’s major problem is that it is not sponsored by a major special interest with lobbying power but is instead a simple grass roots effort that remains largely ignored by the press and Congress–in spite of the fact over 76% of voters support it**.


**This statement is based on national surveys that show most Americans support a tough stance on illegal immigration.


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