BPES Could Restore Integrity To Elections and Democracy

The Bonn Public Election System (BPES) is an independant, not-for-profit project and it has permanently moved to:

URL:   http://PublicElection.org
Tiny URL:   http://alturl.com/fqarf

Summary Overview

BPES is now considered to be one of most remarkable developments and innovations in the history of democratic based governments globally. This easy to implement and extremely cost effective system virtually eliminates the capabilities and power of special or corporate interests in controlling elections. Chief among its attributes in the United States (the targeted country for the initial pilot program), is the fact that BPES is constitutionally compliant and achieves something no other election system can or does—it levels the playing field to give voters equal voice and vote power to that of super wealthy corporations and their extensive lobbyist arms. Most importantly, BPES improves the quality of candidates and ensures they are selected based on traditional values, such as their character, integrity, wisdom, talents, and track records as opposed to their mere ability to raise funding or campaign dollars.

BPES-US also does something shocking and remarkable. It not only reduces the need for campaign dollars by over 90%, but also has no net cost for taxpayers—all while increasing election and voting integrity to the highest confidence levels ever seen for any election system known to humankind.

Learn more about BPES on their website here:  www.PublicElection.org

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