Illegal Immigration Must Be Top Priority

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3) Illegal Immigration Must Be Top Priority

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5) Protect Children and Families Through Rule of Law Act by Senator Ted Cruz (this act deals largely with illegal alien children and omits all key solutions)


It is currently estimated by Citizen America researchers that over 2,500 children this year will lose their lives during the long and dangerous journey to the USA in the rush to unlawfully immigrate. Pundits and the uninformed call it a “humanitarian” or refuge “crisis” and say the US is obligated to help the less fortunate. However, the less fortunate includes hundreds of millions from all of Latin America and an impossible task for the US to accommodate in lieu of irresponsible home countries. Moreover, the poverty, gangs, and violence in the illegal alien’s home countries has not markedly changed in over a decade, according to a Department of Homeland Security report issued to the White House.

Yet the crisis is also affecting our border security in dramatic ways. US Border Patrol units are now so inundated with unauthorized immigrants flooding into the country, they have little time for protecting the border from criminals, terrorists, and operatives of every illicit nature. In other words, the so called “humanitarian crisis” is causing a powerful “national security crisis” on scale never before seen, placing the entire nation at risk for large scale terrorism attacks.

Legal immigration cannot work unless the nation can control its borders and prevent illegal immigration. Controlling the borders is currently vital to US national security efforts because of recent developments in the Middle East. By July of 2014, ISIS has become the world’s largest and best funded, as well as best armed and resourced terrorist organization in the world. With assets and ready cash exceeding one billion dollars, and more pouring in daily, ISIS can now easily mount direct attacks on the USA Homeland by sending teams of operatives through the now wide-open Southern border. All manner of mass death weapons can now be smuggled into the US at will by any individual or group enemy of the American people.

Caught in the middle is the unauthorized immigrant who is being lured to US borders by failed federal policies and clouded and inconsistent enforcement that encourages unauthorized entry and acts as a “death trap magnet”.

Another major part of the problem is that the nation’s laws are not strong enough to ensure against incentives by government officials toward taking more undermining pathways to enforcement to affect ulterior political agendas. Loopholes are routinely used to escape the need for sound law enforcement measures and integrity to the nation’s immigration system, border, and national security.

Compounding the problem is the little debated issue of “child endangerment”. Illegal immigrants in the US as well as others are fully documented to be aiding and abetting “child endangerment” by paying Coyotes to bring the underage across a dangerous thousand plus mile trek to the USA. An estimated 1/3 of all illegal immigrant female children will be raped during the travel process. And while the exact number of child deaths is impossible to tabulate, reasonable analysis of the facts projects over 2,500 children will die in 2014 alone as a result of our nation’s policies and response to the crisis. This makes the issue a true humanitarian crisis but one that can only be solved by deterring the unauthorized from starting on the dangerous trek to begin with.

The recently proposed Immigration Integrity Act (IIA) by Citizen America’s National Policy Center is designed with one major purpose in mind. It’s primary objective is to stop all forms of illegal immigration now and in the future and establish a strong and well communicated deterrent that keeps parents and others from needlessly and recklessly endangering the lives of children and others while safeguarding our national security.

IIA works by installing a new, simple set of laws that remove all incentives to unauthorized immigrants to come to the US.

For those who come once IIA in enacted, they will automatically forfeit all future rights to immigrate or work in the US legally when caught. For any repeat offenders, the law charges them with felony trespass and ensures adequate penalties designed to deter such behavior, thereby eliminating all incentive to try again. Given that virtually all unauthorized immigrants come to the US to become “legal immigrants” or “workers”, the permanent loss of that opportunity by an act of law ensures the vast majority will not take such risks. This, in turn, restores integrity to the legal immigration system and frees up Border Patrol. ICE and DHS assets so they can focus on the more serious matter of border and national security.

IIA also addresses some aspects with respect to those who are already living in the US unauthorized by giving them a right to claim temporary exemptions from IIA enforcement. Such in-country aliens must register with DHS and be listed in the national FBI and DHS database as well as have a complete background check done in their home country and home town before being qualified for any other opportunities. A Court must decide their fate thereafter.

IIA purposely leaves the aspect of handling in-country unauthorized aliens to the Committees who will conduct final bill formulation because voters should have a say in how Congress handles this important issue. However, once IIA is in full effect and force, the illegal immigration issue in the present and future shall finally be resolved, leaving only the issue of what to do with those already here to be debated and decided by the American voter and Congress.

The great point is that the most troublesome chapter in the immigration and border security debate and issues can be solved very quickly in the name of a collective “humanitarian and national security crisis”. Children should not be used as political pawns whereby their young and innocent lives can so easily be forfeit–it stands against our national identity, principals and values. And our borders, more than ever, must be as secure as possible if we are to have any chance with national security integrity and the safeguarding of over 315 million American lives who need to be reassured our borders are safeguarded from terrorist intrusions.

Read the IIA bill here.

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