Immigration Integrity Act Could End Illegal Immigration

NOTE: The actual Immigration Integrity Act bill has been moved here.

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5) Protect Children and Families Through Rule of Law Act by Senator Ted Cruz (this act deals largely with illegal alien children and omits all key solutions)


Could the Immigration Integrity Act end illegal immigration forever in the USA?

Simple answer: yes—by removing all incentives to enter or stay in the US unlawfully.

Now the long answer…

This bill proposal strictly focuses on illegal immigration. It does not address or seek to address other issues but one major outcrop of the bill will be to increase border security integrity from the now 20% level to over 80%—all without adding a singly $1 of cost or new border security personnel or resources.

If passed into law, the “death magnet” that now draws thousands of men, women, and children across dangerous landscapes and into the hands of criminal groups (who will kill an estimated 2,500 yearly and who will rape children from ages 3 and up) will be halted! This bill will save innocent lives by keeping children from taking the dangerous journey to begin with. Let’s all remember that if this type of child endangerment were being perpetrated by US citizen parents and others, they would be jailed for years but somehow illegal alien parents are getting a “pass” and the US is rewarding their behavior by keeping unauthorized children in the US once they arrive here. This situation then emboldens adults to come as well.

will be saved—children will be protected from unscrupulous parents and political operatives that currently commit child endangerment on a scale never before seen. The journey of 1,500 miles or more by 7-year old children, through scotching deserts and a gauntlet of child rapist is documented as highly deadly and counter to the values and principals of humanity and the American people and nation. Such magnets have become literal “death traps” for the innocent and must, now, for humanitarian purposes alone, be dissolved and permanently ended. Nobody human being should be enticed by federal policies and confusion, or as political pawns, to risk their lives.

If passed into law, it is calculated that border security integrity (now at an all time low of 20%), would rise as high as 82%. Border security is enhanced by greatly reducing the intrusion of unauthorized aliens across our borders, freeing up law enforcement to concentrate on criminals, terrorists, and operatives.

This bill should be introduced and passed as quickly as possible to protect as many lives of alien children as may be possible. This bill does not seek to address or solve any of important issues of legal immigration, which Congress can address in its own time, but only seeks to protect life that is documented threatened and ended by policies and failures with respect to illegal immigration and enforcement.

The Committee shall, of course, modify this bill as may be needed, but should do so with strong caution, given that any ulterior approach or purpose may likely result in rendering the intent and purpose “watered down” and meaningless, perhaps accidentally devouring all utility value that ultimately fails the purpose of an international deterrent designed to prevent atrocities.

Read the IIA bill here.



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