Immigration Integrity Act Debate

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1) Immigration Integrity Act,

2) Immigration Integrity Act Debate,

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4) IIA and the Amnesty Debate

5) Protect Children and Families Through Rule of Law Act by Senator Ted Cruz (this act deals largely with illegal alien children and omits all key solutions)


Welcoming unauthorized alien children to our country with open arms is extremely inhumane—it sends a clear message to illegal alien parents, coyotes and Cartels that there will be rewards for their actions in endangering the lives of innocent children. It also sends a message that our borders are not to be respected and that we have no national security concerns—that terrorists are welcome to take advantage of our inabilities to safeguard against infiltrators.

Since 2007, the illegal immigration debate has festered and with no concrete cures in sight. The Left seeks full amnesty and comprehensive solutions and the right seeks full enforcement integrity of our current laws. Meanwhile, the White House continues to undermine our immigration policies and laws in favor of an open borders ideology that is extremely dangerous to our collective national security.

Perhaps most stunning of all is the sad reality that this putrefying stalemate has made innocent children pawns in a dangerous political game.  In short, illegal immigration is killing and raping children and our federal policies and enforcement system is encouraging that heinous activity to continue by demonstrating lax policies and enforcement. President Obama has erected a “death trap magnet” for innocent kids—children whose lives are being purposely and needlessly endangered,

Today, the only way the US can save innocent lives is to put a final stop to the death magnet that entices unlawful behavior and the illegal risking of young lives. This is the primary purpose and intent of the Immigration Integrity Act (IIA).

IIA does not seek to engage legal immigration issues, which are highly complex and can and never should be addressed in simple minded comprehensive bills—each issue within the framework is so deep and intense that it requires highly individualized debates and understanding in order to resolve problems and set forth solutions. The same goes for illegal immigration.

IIA focuses primarily on ending the child death and rape magnets of unlawful immigration rewards: 1) it automatically removes the reward of citizenship or work permits for those who violate our immigration laws, and 2) it provides, for the first time, important new mechanisms for enforcement, including the new law of US Soil Trespass to be applied to repeat offenders, and 3) importantly, it allows states to assume the role of federal enforcement agencies when those agencies refuse to their jobs.

As with all bill proposals, IIA is subject to mark-up inside Committee and changes should be expected. No bill ever makes everyone happy. However, the vast power of IIA is in its ability to force the issue of permanently preventing anymore inflow of illegal immigrants, which will free up the vast amount of resources and manpower on our borders to attend to larger threats.

Meanwhile, the issue of those currently inside the US unlawfully remains a stubborn sticking point. The Left seeks all illegal aliens to be given a path to citizenship. The Right seeks to have them all deported under the current laws (except that current laws have been undermined by both the Executive Branch and by 2008 laws put in place during the George W. Bush presidency).

IIA seeks to stop the bleeding—to stop all future unlawful immigration by removing all incentives to come to the US unlawfully—the illegal alien loses all rewards for their trouble. And if they try again and are caught, they are then punished with fines and jail time—a strong deterrent against repeat offenders and the current revolving door for illegal aliens with respect to law enforcement.

IIA also recognizes that the bill cannot pass unless certain aspects of the Left and Right are compromised. Most politicians agree with stopping illegal immigration, but most disagree on what to do with those already here. IIA, in its current form, does not seek to overly prescribe the laws that relate to or that will be applied to those already here unlawfully (other than to give them a temporary exemption status and to allow the committees to otherwise prescribe remedies as they believe should be compromised and applicable). In other words, IIA looks at the unlawful group already here as mostly a separate issue and takes the position that the most important thing needed right now is to stop all current and future illegal immigration and get word out to the world so that no more lives will be risked or lost—especially the lives of innocent children.

Constituents should play their own role in formulating the final bill with respect to treatment of those already here by putting traditional pressures on their elected representatives accordingly—that is democracy. IIA provides the framework by which that can and should be done.

What is certain is that if the Congress and Senate are not forced to embrace IIA, then they will likely take a more comprehensive approach to immigration reform whereby the Right could lose much of its ground and the Left gain more than their fair share. There are no easy answers but the best and past-proven approach is one of high focus on a single issue or aspect so all potential solutions can be entertained.

IIA presents a hallmark concept–stop all present and future illegal immigration right now, then work to figure out how to solve the rest of the issues on this very important and wide landscape of issues and problems we call immigration.

Read the IIA bill here.


Author–Xelan Bonn, mba is past president Patriot Union of America and Editor-In-Chief of PUA News, as well as key contributor to Patriot Society think tank (which once advised the G.W. Bush White House to use an unpopular “Iraq surge strategy’ that proved successful). He is co-founder of Citizen America, a Constitutional Rights and middle class advocacy with extensive membership roles in all 50 States. He has written and lobbied extensively as an expert on a variety of issues, including national and border security and legal and illegal immigration. He is a political strategist and author of Grass Root Change Systems and the highly documented, 630 page “Superpower Falling”, which he still refuses to release publicly due to its potential to be used by terrorist groups against US national security and the collective safety of the American citizenry. 

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