Strategy For Repub Senate Win In 2014

Disclaimer: Citizen America does not endorse any political party. However, we do endorse re-balancing political power so that our nation can move away from the trend of creating and supporting an unofficial , single party monarchy, which we believe has been effectively erected by the Democrat Party.

If one researches past strategies and blunders by the Republican Party, it becomes crystal clear that the party lacks a few basic but key things: 1) effective leadership with consistently conservative viewpoints and actions, 2) an inability to be more inclusive of fiscal conservatives who lean secular, and 3) an inability and willingness to set themselves apart as leaders by taking off the gloves and appropriately destroying their opposition with powerful fact-filled revelations coupled with consistent, relentless, and unified messaging.

Instead of a single party that looks and acts unified and professional, Republicans have elected to forward an image that they are infighters, incapable of presenting a unified front—a party that is constantly struggling with in-fighting and finger pointing as well as polarization. Yet solving this seemingly monumental problem is actually very simple, provided one has smart and intelligent leadership at the helm (which is something that does not appear present at this time).

Republicans do not win elections or support for their causes or positions by giving in to Democrats because they believe that constituents support the Democrat view. To do so shows failure. Republicans, instead, must realize that constituents are temporarily supporting Democrat views only because Republicans themselves have not done a sound job of educating voters on their own views. Studies show that over 85% of the conservative platform (save religious overtones) are supported by the vast majority of voters young and old when properly communicated. Where Republicans drop the ball is that they fail to properly communicate their positions not as individuals, but as a team or party.

Three messaging aspects are key to affecting strong voter supports: 1) integrity, 2) logic, 3) emotional tie-in. Let’s examine each one.

Integrity. This refers to the over-all image of the person or entity issuing the message. If they have built up a strong and consistent image of having integrity in their words and actions, then the message they offer will be heard by the voter. It is vital that the receiver of a message is first open and receptive to the messenger and their message, otherwise communication breaks down here.

Logic. The issue must be presented in an extremely concise way that gives the voter a clear understanding of the basic concept and the issue’s solution / or why a proposed solution will fail. If voters do not see the logic in the idea, they will not accept the message.

Emotion. Provided the first two aspects have first been met and the voter is now receptive to the issue-solution or prevention thereof, the final stage needed to gain voter support is for the voter to be moved emotionally in such as way that a response is created. The message sender needs to provide a compelling emotional tie-in that helps the voter bridge the gaps in logical functions to those of the human condition toward move the voter to support the individual (or candidate), idea (solution/non-solution realization) or party (team). Unless the voter is moved to action, internally (supporting a position over being neutral or nonsupporting) or externally (voting, rallying, etc.), the communication is ineffective.

Combined, the elements of integrity, logic and emotion must be incorporated into all effective messaging made to voters if voters are going to be receptive and hence swayed by such messaging.

Additionally, there are two global aspects to political messaging that ensure sufficient critical mass in voter pools needed to gain supports for a basic position, issue, idea, solution or rejection of a proposal. They are: 1) consistency, and 2) intensity.

Consistency. If the message is supported by the party, then the message will find its greatest opportunities for success by being sent consistently by all party members. for example, if the topic of the day is how wonderful “sweet bread” is for example, then every member of the party who speaks to the press should be speaking consistently and repeatedly about “sweat bread’s” benefits and nothing else. Messaging has the greatest impact on voters when its repeated consistently by the message sender. Mix messaging, in contrasts, creates “noise” in the voter’s mind, which aids voters in routinely ignoring the message through the normal filtration process. Consistent messaging, by contrast, allows the party to penetrate the “noise” factor and voter’s natural defenses to information overload and thereby assimilate the message.

intensity. If a message is sent only once, it will have very little impact, hence it must be repeated over and over from as many different angles and approaches as possible in order to break through the “noise” factor and have affect on voters. Therefore, the solution message needs to be sent with as much intensity as possible until the voter pool is saturated with it, and has thus had an opportunity to fully assimilate it.

Combined, these are the minimum basic tools needed to achieve sound political messaging that can help ensure voters understand the party’s collective positioning on the issue/s and why their support is needed and should be granted. There are many more tools but if these aspects are missing there is no need to worry about getting more sophisticated.

One of the flaws in Republican Party messaging to voters has been their lack of using proven messaging techniques. For example, the failure of Obamacare is not due to a malfunctioning website, it is the law’s failure to fulfill its stated promises of lower healthcare costs for all Americans and things like one being able to keep their current policies and doctors. Yet the party allows its members to gravitate off message, hence creating more “noise” than voter converts to their position.

The 2014 midterm election will certainly deal with the failings of Obamacare in messaging, however, House Republicans could lose all of their advantages if they mishandle the upcoming issue of immigration between now and then. Therefore, let us explore an effective strategy for the immigration issue that seems to have completely escaped the Republican leadership.

How To Win 2014 Using The Illegal Immigration Issue

The best political power punch often comes from simply showing voters the errors of the opposition’s solution making. However, the ploy will only go so far with voters. They will eventually demand to see a “better alternative solution” from the party pointing the finger so before embarking on the dangerous exposure trail, the party must first have plenty of solution making proposals ready to fire on the enemy in the battle to come.

The next major debate issue coming up is expected to be immigration but if this “hot potato issue” is not handled properly, it could mean a disastrous 2014 election for Republicans in spite of the Obamacare debacle.

Strategy Stage 1

Republicans will win the debates and support of voters by changing the focus of the debate to one key aspect that allows them to easily sway voters. Rather than dealing with the confusing soup of Comprehensive solutions that cannot be effectively debated or clarified in the minds of voters, Republicans win by first splitting the topic into its two primary areas of emphasis: 1) Illegal immigration, 2) legal immigration. They win only by focusing strictly on illegal immigration where they can make a strong, clear, and focused messaging attack that utilizes compelling facts that coincide and brace existing voter supports on the issue.

Over 76% of voters support a tough stance on illegal immigration. Further, Americans are not as concerned with legal immigration as they are with illegal immigration. Also, legal immigration is a highly complex issue all its own and its issues and aspects can be extremely confusing to voters all by themselves. However illegal immigration is much more clear cut and simple and is not supported by most voters. It is a much easier aspect of the issue for Republicans to deal with because it offers stronger opportunities for appropriate messaging to voters through the process of focusing.

Republicans need to be concerned with offending voter segments by being tough on illegal immigration. In spite of much of the confusing propaganda and flawed statistics presented by the media, the Pew Research Center, for example, has found that Hispanic voters do not support criminal or illegal immigration anymore than other Americans do. Therefore, there is no need for Republicans to panic or pander to Hispanics on this issue—they must be treated with the same equal respect to that of all voters who support the integrity of our laws and legal system of justice as well as our collective American values that support “right over wrong”.

Therefore, Republicans gain 2014 election political points by focusing on solving illegal immigration and pointing out the flaws in the Democrat solution approach (as seen by the Senate’s recent bill). They therefore save the more troubling and confusing issue of legal immigration until after the elections, after they have taken the high road in support of American traditional values on illegal immigration.

Republicans will win major political points by pointing out the major flaws in the Democrat plan as well as that party’s track record on the illegal immigration issue with respect to government operations. Points that can be made include Democrat/Administration failures to:

Facts are powerful creatures and those concerned or focused on another amnesty approach (like he first one in 1986 that has been well proven failed / or the current Senate bill of similar nature) are not going to want such facts revealed. It harms not only their amnesty position, but their political standing and integrity, which undermines their respective ability to conduct effective messaging to voters. Therefore, Republicans need to uncover and debate as many facts as they can on the issue of illegal immigration in such a way as to show that the Dems / Administration are indeed working unethically, working to undermine American values, laws, and wages (as are illegal aliens, who are taking advantage of the situation).

Reporting illegal immigration facts or focusing strictly on this aspect of the issue may be unpopular at first, but voters rarely penalize politicians for being truthful and showing integrity by reporting hard facts (even if they do not agree with, or like, the facts reported). However, once the initial media cycle shock wears off in a few days, the issues will start to be reported with a little more clarity. Therefore, the number one rule Republicans need to apply is to report the facts and to do so accurately, without being mean-spirited or overly emotional–always cautious to be sensitive to offending any group—always tying in the negative facts to how they directly impact Americans and voters. Republicans need to keep in mind that voters do not need politicians to tell them how they need to respond to the facts—especially when those facts speak for themselves (as they do with illegal immigration). Using facts effectively is make the case is very simple on this issue.

Example: According to Congressional Budget Office, illegal immigration has helped lower wages for all Americans over the last decade by artificially increasing the size of the labor pool in industries including entertainment, construction, utilities, manufacturing, food processing, and other once higher paying job areas. Lower wages makes it tougher for families to make ends meet these days, especially when bacon rises from $4 to $8 a pound in just 8 months. When a US citizen child goes hungry because an illegal alien has stolen a mother’s job (because the illegal alien will work for lower wages), we have to start asking ourselves as a compassionate nation, is this solvable–do we want to reward those who disrespect our values and laws?” Do we want to help that child and mother whose only crime is that they are US citizens?

Opponents do not want Republicans to split the issues of illegal immigration from legal immigration because its greatly weakens their ability to use guile to confuse the facts and otherwise secure amnesty to meet their self-serving agendas. Therefore, once the Republican leadership makes it clear that the only issue on the table is “illegal immigration” and solutions for it, the opposition will incur a major setback and blow—one they cannot meaningfully recover from. This is why they will do everything in their power to goad the Republicans into voting on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” because it denies meaningful debate and will secure not only a win on the issues, but also a renewed support base going into the 2014 elections for Dems. In other words, Republicans must lose across the board by allowing illegal immigration issues and solutions to be mixed in and confused with those of legal immigration because voters will be denied the proper fact-based debate they need to see and understand that the Dem position opposes American values, laws and sound logic and integrity, etc.

Strategy Stage 2

Once stage one of the fact-finding and reporting mission on illegal immigration is well cemented in the public’s mind, the next stage is to focus on the Republican Party’s three primary concerns and to offer up a single solution (or solution set with one bill proposal / name). Here the goal is to inform voters as to why the party supports such a position. For example, we support the permanent ending of illegal immigration both at our borders and internally across our nation because it will: 1) save taxpayers over $100 billion annually, 2) it will help bring down the national debt, 3) it supports our men and women in law enforcement and the critical national security role they play in helping us safeguard our country, 4) because too many innocent victims are being harmed throughout the country by illegal aliens and we must have a permanent solution to this issue, and 5) because studies show us that an estimated 87% of all illegal aliens have likely perpetrated at least one felony (whether tried or convicted yet or not) and we do not want to condone criminal conduct by rewarding it with amnesty and citizenship, and 6) because it’s the right thing to do to show support for the rule-of-law and send a clear message around the world that illegal immigrants are not welcome here–we only want new citizens who respect our laws and values as a nation.

Strategy Stage 3

After stage two is well cemented in the public’s mind and support is generally given, the party’s last task is ensure powerful political pressure on the opposition by pointing out all their dirty little secrets with respect to the Dems handling of the issue. In other words, the Republicans must first build up their own voter supports through careful crafting and messaging then in the final stage, they must roll up their sleeves and start bare knuckle boxing to reveal embarrassing facts about the administration and its agencies toward forcing the leadership into a corner where the only possible choice is to either support the Republicans solution bill proposal and sign-off or risk total obliteration of the Dems at the 2014 polls.

This strategy, if well played by Republicans, will ensure one of only two possible outcomes in the 2014 elections. If the Republican’s illegal immigration solution bill passes into law, it will show voters that the party does have solutions and that they are not on the side of corporate powers but are on the side of integrity and sound government, hence worthy of citizen supports and more seats in the Senate. On the other-hand, if the president fails to sign-off on the Republican bill, voters will be outraged and will likely spend all their anger on Dems across the board to affect a wholesale slaughter at the polls. They will have been too educated by Republicans at this point and the nasty taste of corrupt Dems in government will have to be spat out one way or another!

Keys To Success

The keys to success are four things: facts, facts, and facts! And, of course, real and capable leadership that prefers to lead instead of react and follow. We have to acknowledge that illegal immigration is highly unpopular (Americans resent lawbreakers) and it has very little support in the voter pools so if handled skillfully, tactfully, and with a foundation based on solid facts that tie into the negative impacts felt by everyday Americans, it is nearly impossible for Republicans to fail—there are just not enough voters out there who are going to support the Dem position that criminal behavior must be rewarded with amnesty and a reward of US citizenship.

For those interested, the TARA bill proposal and its list of remarkable benefits is worth considering as part of the Republican solution mix on illegal immigration.

Handing The Race Card

It is a very common ploy by Democrat Party members and ethnocentric or liberal or race-based groups to fire “race card” bullets as soon as they cannot win their arguments based on the foundations of facts, integrity and logic. In order to counter the false accusations made by a “race card” hater or trickster, the Republican party must first lay a groundwork of teaching their members a few simple but highly effective tools to help them overcome such a ploy by the opposition.

To effectively counter the “race card”, team players need only point out the facts about illegal immigration and the profile of illegal immigrants as shown in the example below:

Example. Here a Republican member is handling the Democrat ploy of playing the race card on a news interview segment:

The issue of illegal immigration has never been an issue about racism simply because virtually every race and ethnicity in the world  appears to be a part of the ethic and racial make-up of the illegal immigrant population coming to this country unlawfully, in disrespect to our laws and values. It would mean we were being racists against Whites from Britain, Canada or Europe, Blacks from Africa, Arabs from Egypt, Asians from China or Cambodia, Indians from India, or even Latinos from Brazil or Chile.  Just which group are we being racists against and can you provide a concrete example because the party  has carefully looked into this and never found a single concrete case.  We’ve even looked into this issue inside the federal government and we never once found that the Obama Administration or federal officials were being racists with respect to those who it is knowingly letting into our country  or condoning to work here illegally—if there is a group of racists inside the federal government or White House, we would like to know about it so we can help resolve the problem. However, as far as our party is concerned, anyone who has ever accidentally made remarks worthy of such serious debate were long ago dealt with and clearly do not represent our American values or the party and are not tolerated, which is far more than we can say about the opposition party, especially its allies in the nonprofit sector. People in the Democrat Party need to be very careful with making unsubstantiated allegations because it shows their lack of truthfulness and integrity–after all, if they will deceive voters into believing racism is involved, what else are they deceiving voters on?


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