TARA Bill Proposal Solves Illegal Immigration

Dealing with the big issue of illegal immigration has been a political football and nightmare because so many anti-rule-of-law factions have been plying lobbying efforts to ensure against any real solution making. Tribalist Democrats, Latinos, Progressives and even some right-wing Christian groups have advocated for Comprehensive Immigration Reform as recently passed by the Senate. However, that bill does not solve the illegal immigration problem, it makes it worse—a 20-times larger problem is expected to come from it if the House passes a similar version of the bill and the president signs it into law. In other words, it is the same false promise made once again by a deceitful Congress and president–the same tact used under the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act that created today’s massive problem. Yet in spite of the looming specter of more harms to be cast on the American people via their lawmakers and comprehensive solutions that fail to address key areas and sidetrack detailed issue focus and solution-making, there is one little known bill proposal that could be used to solve illegal immigration permanently.

Known as the Temporary Amnesty and Repatriation Act (TARA), the bill proposal is simple, short, and has the virtue of solving most of the biggest issues with respect to illegal immigration. Best of all, if turned to law, there is no new net costs to taxpayers. Within about 24 months, illegal immigration will all but be completely ended and an estimated 9.5 million felony perpetrators will once again be returned home, but this time permanently.

TARA seems to offer big promises, however, it’s primary hurdle is one of caustic politics and ideologies that stand against solution making and common sense approaches. Instead, a variety of hidden and harmful agendas against the American people and nation are still being forwarded on both sides of the aisle via polarized politics.

In the left wing, opponents to ending illegal immigration include: The White House, Democrat Party, Progressives, and a variety of organized nonprofit groups that support their respective agendas. They support the ongoing process of the federal government aiding and abetting millions of illegal aliens to commit felonies and continue the process of flooding the US market with cheap labor that helps devalue wages for all Americans. Their goal is to legalize 9.5 million felony perpetrators and convert them into Democrat Party voters (while also covering up their documented criminal activities). Collectively, these groups make up less than 10 percent of the voting public but consist of an estimated 90 percent of the mainstream media and lobbying arms on this issue.

In the right wing, opponents to ending illegal immigration include: Republican Party, and globalist transnational corporations aka t-corps (with no allegiance to the United States or its citizenry) who are powerhouse contributors to most Republican candidates and incumbents (and the same goes for Dems as well). The t-corps have two objectives, both of which are profit driven–solving problems and reducing crime is not part of their agenda either.

However, on the third side of the issue are those who stand up for justice, American values, right-over-wrong, democratic principles, and the needs of the American people and nation to be put first. This groups is comprised of about 76 percent of the entire US voting population. They support and demand strong solutions that will end illegal immigration once and for all. They support a tough but fair and compassionate solution that effectively stops the flow of interloping lawbreakers across our borders or hinders visa overstays.

Combined, all three sides present a political dichotomy that is immensely powerful and will almost assuredly play out in the 2014 elections.

Democrats have the ulterior motivation that seeks to convert illegal aliens into as many as 11 million new Democrat Party voters once amnesty is granted toward establishing a one party system in America (and removing all checks and balances–a pattern most recently seen under the Senate’s “nuclear option” ploy recently).

Republicans expect to gain major campaign supports (along with Dems) from t-corps and small businesses who are also hungry for cheaper labor. As more and more cheaper labor continues to flood the US, wages are then devalued across on the board on all US workers, which brings down costs and raises profits. Based on the failure of the 1986 comprehensive immigration reforms and the constant flow of both excess legal and illegal labor to the US to swell the supply side of the demand formula, it is clear the process has dramatically aided in keeping wages flat for over three decades–businesses have reaped $100s of billions in additional profits off the back of US workers. Passage of the new comprehensive bill is expected to have the same profit-increase results. Hence sustaining illegal immigration has a powerful profit incentive for both t-corps and small business America.

On the “little heard from” side of the equation is the US citizenry, worker, and nation’s well-being perspective. The more illegal immigration is allowed to flourish, the more legal immigrants, citizens, and especially Blacks, and Hispanics will suffer from lost job opportunities and devalued wages. This is a major concern given that real inflation (that takes in account food and housing costs in addition to the government’s reported factors) is now risen to about 8% per year while wages are staying flat or dropping. Since having taken office, Obama’s legacy is that the middle-class Americans have lost over $11 trillion in assets and an average of over $3,000 per year per household in wages / income. And over 47 million American now depend on some form of government welfare to subsist (poverty is growing rapidly). In other words, America is headed toward lower standards of living and could become subject to reclassification as a Third World poverty nation if such trends continue.

Meanwhile, US workers are still losing jobs to lower paid illegal workers in industries such as manufacturing, construction, city and street maintenance, utilities, federal and state and city governments, shipping, trucking, longshoring, movie making, managerial, landscaping and maintenance, and a list that goes on to include virtually every industry and job category.

At the same time, wages are expected to remain flat or shrink for the next decade as over 5 million new yearly immigrants (allowed by the Senate’s bill) flood in each year (all looking for jobs amid an anemic economy that offers only negative job growth rates). And because the Senate’s bill does not permanently end illegal immigration, the flow of felony-labor is expected to continue as well.

The results from the Senate’s bill is that US standards of living will continue to drop for all Americans. Meanwhile, illegal aliens will continue to come to the US through unsecured borders, ensuring an even larger national security risk and exposure to terrorist infiltrations as traditional air-routes become too restrictive.

From the US worker and national security standpoints, illegal immigration is a cancer on America and must be ended at the first opportunity—lawmakers should be putting aside their own conceits and needs toward unifying to protect the nation and its citizens.

With three very different perspectives and resources gathered unfairly in favor of t-corps and small businesses who can wield billions of dollars to exact their will on the American people and nation, there is little chance TARA can or will be instituted. However, just so Americans can see what they could have, here is a brief sample of TARA’s long list of projected benefits.

Sample TARA Benefits

  • Permanently ends over 98% of all illegal immigration within about 24-months with respect to issues of:
    • domestic enforcement
    • border enforcement
    • visa overstay enforcement.
  • Treats illegal immigrants with dignity and respect (keeps families together).
  • Does not require significant use of law enforcement or other public resources in order to ensure illegal alien compliance with the program (over 88% of all illegal aliens will comply voluntarily).
  • Raises over-all border security integrity from about 33% to as high as 85% by freeing up personnel and other resources from having to deal with mostly illegal aliens seeking work.
  • Has a $0 net cost for the program and to taxpayers.
  • Frees up from $100 billion to as much as $500 billion in local, state, and federal resources that must now be deployed for illegal aliens and respective issues.
  • Separates the aspect of illegal immigration from normal immigration so that lawmakers can formulate more focused understanding and solutions for all its pertinent aspects.
  • Helps normalize the labor supply of the market toward eliminating artificial constructs that devalue wages for all Americans.
  • Cuts law enforcement and other public resources needed for illegal immigration currently by over 95% post program completion.
  • Helps increase tax revenues and the economy by helping drive up wages for all Americans, hence strengthening discretionary income and consumption.
  • Helps open up an estimated 4 million high paying jobs and over 5 million moderate paying jobs to US citizens, legal immigrants, and especially the Black and Hispanic communities.
  • Supports American values and the need for Americans to demonstrate their ability to be very compassionate and fair in handling this delicate issue while also supporting respect for law and order.

The TARA bill proposal is seeking a major nonprofit group to sponsor it (a group capable and prepared to fully lobby for its support and adoption by Congress). Or, equally, is seeking a sponsoring member of Congress to take it over and run with it. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Citizen America to make arrangements directly.


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