Green Card Boycott Against Amnesty

President Obama committed a high criminal act when he declared what is essentially an amnesty for about 4.5 million illegal aliens on Nov 20, 2014. It is a felony to aid and abet illegal aliens and to otherwise undermine the rule of law and national security through encouragement of more illegal border crossings. Equally, the separation of the three branches of government by the Founding Fathers was designed to remove dictatorial power from the presidency toward stalling the natural progression of tyranny (and the need of the people to forcibly remove a corrupt government in order to reform a more perfect union as time went on–the founders actually planned for America to have occasional revolutions). The US Constitution reserves law making for Congress alone. The Executive Branch does not have legal authority to make laws or to undermine the Constitution or to avoid law enforcement against any group that violates the law. When the president acts in such a way, s/he is acting “rogue” and in direct violation of their Oath Of Office. Given the actions of the White House, it is now incumbent on all Americans who love their country and liberty to reject such anti-Constitutional and anti-American actions and ideals in any and all manner possible until the Office of the President comes back into line with law and order and the principals of the US Constitution and the respective divisions of power. Therefore, Citizen America supports and promotes the widest scale possible of protest against the White House and its unlawful decrees through the imposition of the “Green Card Boycott” (GCB).

GCB simply asks all Americans to pressure all employers to stop hiring any and all applicants who present a “Green Card” until the White House capitulates and rescinds its criminal actions against America and its citizenry by removing the unlawful executive amnesty decree. We believe that such a protest will force the White House back to law and order as major donors and employers fell the backlash of voters demanding justice.

Please join us in doing our part as citizens to protest the attempted collapse of the three-branches of power and the rise of a Presidential Tyranny By Decree America!

Green Card Boycott Against Amnesty – How To Help

Participating in the political process with grass roots action is simple, fun, and rewarding.


  1. Set up a local Green Card Protect Rally date for a demonstration as your local federal courthouse (best times are Tues, Wed, Thur, 10am to 4pm).
  2. Create a one-page flyer (black and white is just fine – just make sure it’s easy to read). Provide sample SIGN slogans and details how to make protest signs inexpensively.
  3. Canvass your local neighborhood and inform those you meet (give them a flyer and ask them to attend the rally).
  4. Get commitments from those who say they will attended (1 in 3 will so get 3 times as many as you need)–Aim for 100 people minimum.
  5. Once you have enough commitments, contact your local news media (newspapers and TV and others) and let them know the details of your event.
  6. At the rally, you are the leader so take charge and set down the rules (hand out a rules sheet). Get 1 out of 10 people to agree to be your security staff during the event.
  7. Select one person (the best qualified) to handle the press, if they show up.
  8. Conduct your rally in a safe and professional manner (no obscenities, racist remarks, or slurs, etc.)
  9. Remember, the point of a protest rally is to attract the news media and get the word out into the public so awareness is built for your ideas and goals and the reasons behind those goals.
  10. When the rally is concluded, make sure your team gathers up any trash and leaves the place as though your team had never been there—respect the community that hosts your event. And be sure to thank all participants for aiding in the democratic process.


  1. First and foremost, have fun and enjoy the democratic process of grass roots action.
  2. Please be respectful and understand that this rally is trying to attract the news media so let’s all be professional, respectful and polite.
  3. Stay on message. These sorts of rallies only work if we limit the messaging to a few basic “sound bites” that the news media can play on TV, etc. Do not get off message because it undermines the entire rally and purpose of our being here. Remember, some news media is highly bias and is looking for derogatory materials to air that will show our group and message is one of hate, racism, radicalism, or something other than we intend (therefore, keep all communications with one another during the event on message—someone may be recording you with your knowledge so do not breach protocol.
  4. Do not engage with anti-protestors who try to bait you. The more you ignore them, the more angry they will get and the more mistakes they will make—which helps your cause instead of theirs. Just smile on the inside knowing you are really bothering them and stay professional.
  5. Security teams are asked to focus only on helping rally members to stay on message and when needed to turn their back to anti-protestors and shield their rally members from attacks–to help keep everyone calm and respectful. When someone becomes uncontrollable, as many security team as possible should surround that person and respectfully ask them to leave. Violence is never an option so do not even think it. If someone becomes violent, notify police immediately and use your cell phone or other device to record the unwanted behavior (for later review by police). When possible, ask volunteer security staff to wear a yellow t-shirt on the day of the event so that everyone can easily identify them as security staff (yellow arm bands work as an alternative).
  6. Everyone make sure you remove all belongings and trash when you leave the event so we can show respect and gratitude to the community that hosted the event—we plan on coming back again so let’s all pitch in and be nice.


1) Immigration Integrity Act,

2) Immigration Integrity Act Debate,

3) Illegal Immigration Must Be Top Priority

4) IIA and the Amnesty Debate

5) Protect Children and Families Through Rule of Law Act by Senator Ted Cruz (this act deals largely with illegal alien children and omits all key solutions)

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