NSA Spy Agency Should Be Eliminated

More reports of the National Security Agency’s spying on mainstream Americans has been revealed. (1)

Dennis Kucinich (D), Ohio (former) says the 1st and 4th Amendment are under attack by the NSA. (2)

The NSA says the spying on Americans is an accident because it collects so much data world wide, that the process inadvertently gathers some wrong targets. However, the agency’s lack of Congressional oversight ensures that whatever the NSA says, nothing can really be verified. For example, even when the NSA knows the information gathered is on US citizens it does not delete that information from its database but instead keeps building up a profile on the individual throughout that individual’s life, which is illegal.

“The NSA has become the modern day equivalent of WWII’s SS in Nazi controlled Germany,” said investigative journalist and author Xelan Bonn. “They claim openly that they are only conducting electronic spying while all along they have been operating a vast network of human intelligence teams across the US and around the world—this agency is much larger than the CIA and it lies for a living so there is never going to be a reason to take their word for anything,” said Bonn. “They are basically free to do as they damn well please because it’s all done under the cloak of ‘national security’, which, 90% of the time, is another abuse designed to protect their ill-doings.” (3)

Some members of the House and Senate want to hold hearings and look deeper into the matter. (4)

The bottom line is that every function of the NSA and all other spying agencies of the Executive Branch can be placed under the control of the CIA and Congressional oversights, which would help cut defense spending by as much as 35% simply by eliminating redundancies as well as some unneeded systems. For example, none of America’s top or minor spy agencies were able to foresee or safeguard the nation against the attacks of 9-11, which shows they have become too large and incompetent to serve the American people anymore. Consolidation and oversight would help bring the nation’s intelligence apparatus under control, allow for more Congressional oversight, and also encourage a far more effective system.

“America does not need the NSA anymore than it needed Hitler’s Nazis”, said Bonn. “Yet we now have a very similar enemy of the Constitution and citizenry working inside our own country against us and they need to be stopped or this country will soon be lost,” he said.

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(3) Interview (on file).

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  1. michael d mcfarland | March 29, 2014 at 2:58 am | Reply

    This world is going to Hell and so is the United States – nothing you can do about it. Pray what you will, but, I know by personal experience that the government is set to take away “ALL” of our freedoms. I know this because of the visit by a Secret Service Agent to my home because I challenged their capability and or credibility. Leave Obama to his mission, which is, to completely destroy the life some of us have been lead to live. These people are the criminals par excellent! There’s nothing anybody can do about it!!! The so called “militias” are dead meat! There’s nothing you can do about it – ITS TOO LATE ! ! !

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