Obamacareless Erects First US Monarchy

The Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare and now Obamacareless has become the quintessential thread in US politics that has aided and exposed the great shift in America from being a democratic Republic to a new form of monarchy. The president of the United States of America for all intents and purposes has now erected a kingship of executive authority that remains virtually unmatched the world over.

Obamacare was largely the brainchild of extremist liberals under the command of then House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) who refused to allow meaningful floor debates on a bill that was designed to co-op an estimated one-sixth of the US economy and establish the framework for dismantling liberty. The proposal is now said to be one of major healthcare interference and meddling designed to undermine and eliminate the free market toward skyrocketing healthcare costs (opposing the promise and purpose of lower costs). It was a plan supported by President Obama who gradually came to tout the project as his own invention.

Today, Obamacareless has become the ultimate representation of the Democrat Party’s power-grab and push for a one-party ruling class in America to be operated by elitists Marxists aka progressives. An estimated 11 million new registered Democrats are anticipated by the party with its push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform that would, if passed, legitimize an estimated 9.5 million felony perpetrators—illegal aliens who have violated state and federal laws through the hiring and false documentation processes. Yet this is just one of dozens of power-grab prongs forked up by Dems.

In an effort to overt the radioactive fallout from the Obamacareless debacle,the Democrat Party has now usurp even more control over the mainstream media and taken steps to give the president never before seen monarch powers.

Democrat Senator Harry Reid, prompted by the party, has used what is known as the “nuclear option” that changed Senate rules and allowed for a 51-Senate vote passage requirement, eliminating the timeless rule of 60 votes to stop a filibuster. Filibusters have long been seen as critical checks and balance systems in the Senate and our democracy that are designed to give the minority party the ability to keep tyrannical one-party decision making at bay. With 53 Democrats in control of the Senate, the new rule now means a single party, the Democrat Party, controls all critical appointments of judges and other key federal employees—no opposition can be effectively voiced by the minority party. If the king wants someone appointed, they will now be appointed–no questions asked.

Equally fearsome, since having taken office, President Obama has made more power-grabs in the Executive branch than all past presidents combined. His single-handed control over the National Security Administration (NSA) through the Executive Branch places him in control of the world’s largest secret police agency. The NSA spys on the world and has infiltrated the most heavily guarded secrets of virtually every nation on the planet. Worse, the NSA has complete files on all US citizens—a fact the spy agency denies even though it has been recently “outted” as the most anti-civil rights agency in America.

The Executive Branch’s Justice Department is another example of power gone tyrannical. It was Obama’s Administration that had ATF officers selling guns to the Mexican Cartels that would later be used in the murder of federal agents. It was a seedy progressive plan gone wrong, cooked up by State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton (toward the hidden agenda to establish political theater enabling public outcry toward the dismantling of the 2nd Amendment—a long-time goal of the Democrat Party). In spite of investigations leading to White House, State Department and Attorney General culpability, Eric Holder remains in control of many vastly anti-Constitutional and criminal programs and policies–many that strongly aid the administration is prosecuting or hounding administration critics through the felony abuse of power—particularly journalists.

The president’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), under White House direction, has unilaterally affected the single largest government-based criminal program in the history of immigration. The DHS officially sanctioned the release of tens of thousands of illegal aliens—most felony perpetrators that the administration refused to prosecute for their crimes—instead choosing to judge and amnesty them unilaterally (violating a variety of federal laws for each released alien perpetrator) and then falsely listing such illegal aliens as benign “non offenders”—the US Boarder Patrol would go on to sue the administration for its construction of one of the largest criminal conspiracies involving high government officials in US history—the mainstream media would, of course, cover it up.

The list of criminal activities coming out of the White House Administration would take days to read and would include the president’s and Hillary Clinton’s criminal negligence that directly resulted in the murder of a sitting US Ambassador—a scandal ten times larger than Nixon’s Watergate, yet allowed to vanish quietly by a complicit liberal mainstream media that now sanctions the killing of Americans over political scandal and fallout of the Democrat Party. When Obama aided a “declared enemy of the US”, the news media barely mentioned his treason and reported the High Crimes and Misdemeanors from the angle that the president was acting as a peacemaker, not someone violating the nation’s highest laws by aiding a State Department listed terrorist group such as Hamas via the Palestinian Authority and an illegal money gifting scheme. The world’s top news reporters gave the president a “pass”, thereby emboldening the administration to violate more national and international laws and treaties.

The list of the administration’s power-grabs that have served to eliminate the countering controls of Congress and the democratic process are now so extensive that it is virtually impossible to pin-point the exact date when the US realistically yet unofficially transitioned to a monarchy. No American need doubt it—they need only only look to the illegal act of Executive decree that is criminally giving favors and waivers and making changes to the Affordable Care Act without the consent and approval of Congress (Congress is the only institution allowed to make or change federal laws, according to the US Constitution).

Today, the Affordable Care Act is projected to strip over 17 million Americans of healthcare and to raise the costs (as much as double) on healthcare for over 80 million more citizens. The spaghetti web of deliberate Democrat Party deceits and negative impacts from the “unread bill turned law” ramrodded by Imperialist clan member Pelosi (daughter to one of the East Coast’s notorious and alleged mafia figures and wife to Council on Foreign Relations aka world government activists) is now expected to grind the US economy into the ground as employers struggle to deal with the fallout. Workers will soon find they are unable to make ends meet monthly due to massive premium spikes because the health insurance they had, they cannot keep (another deliberate lie by King Obama and Queen Pelosi). And this is for starters—the snowball of trouble is expected to dwarf the 9-11 and 2008-09 economic crisis impacts combined.

A class war may appear on the horizon with the middle-class blaming both the lower-class and the upper-class and corporate class for the unsolvable economic problems that are threatening to destroy the vital middle-class segment of our US consumer engine. And yet those who took the time to investigate Obama prior to his election are not surprised to see America coming under attack by his administration.

The American Monarch appears to be affecting the premise of the King’s playbook, “Dreams of my Father”. In his book, Obama tells the world that America must be greatly reduced in economic might and world power, punished for its past colonialist pursuits as a capitalist monster. Together with his Court Jester Harry Reid, the King has now fully established a monolithic government that once and for all omits the minority class voice and voter and ensures the Democrat Party’s rein over the country for the next one thousand years–Obama’s Forth Reich of tyranny is upon the Fatherland.

Sadly, the long-term efforts to “dumb down” our youth, (now in voting ages from 18 to 39 across the country) by progressive educators pushing an extremist liberal indoctrination in our public and private schools and colleges, has ensured the king’s power grab and rein will go largely unchallenged by his liberal, unthinking minions who place free handouts for themselves above country, countrymen, liberty and democracy.  Coupled with the mainstream media’s control by progressive anti-Constitutionalists and their ability to disseminate massive amounts of propaganda that opposes hard, investigative news reporting on key facts and issues, the transition of our government and democracy to an informal but real monarchy, hence tyranny, is well cemented.

We should recognize the big picture. The Democrat Party has been on a decade’s long “destroy the US economy and middle-class wealth” bender: 1) The party single-handedly erected the Community Redevelopment Act, which beget the sub prime mortgage meltdown and stripped the middle-class of an estimated $12 trillion in net worth. 2) Obama took office and tried to top the fallout and bailout by tripling deficit spending to an all time high of $1.3 trillion annually—sending clear signals around the world that the US was not trustworthy on its debt—sending the markets and dollar toward global collapse (saved only by foreign investors who propped up the dollar to protect themselves). And that was just round one in an escalating debt and death spiral play that the Dems are still pushing. 3) Obamacareless is now upon us, projecting to dismantle GDP, major insurance carriers, and much of the healthcare industry as doctors and other flee major cuts in government reimbursements and providers escape unworkable insurance configurations that escalate costs out of reach of most Americans. 4) Worse, planned amendments to the Affordable Care Act, first calculated by Nancy Pelosi and first set forth under HR 3200, are expected to make a strong come back once the Dems retake House controls in 2014. Such amendments include mandatory medical chipping of all US citizens—a diabolical Bill of Rights stripping program first envisioned by progressive Marxists now quietly in control of the Democrat Party (yet still afraid to declare themselves and the new party agenda publicly).

Three massive mistakes and one accidentally planned by Democrats? Or highly calculated attacks designed to undermine the last remaining Superpower and their respective middle-class toward making the US another Third World country seeking a handout? It’s easy to blame Democrat Party incompetency in Congress and the White House but incompetence cannot explain away a decade’s worth of consistent attacks on the economy and middle-class—ergo we must now stop to consider whether or not we are dealing with an enemy within our gates seeking to deliberately sabotage America and Her Liberty? We must investigate the background and ties of each and every member of Congress and the White House administration and their affiliates to see if America is now under the throws a 5th Column or not. Sadly, the FBI whose job it is to do such things on behalf of US citizens is also under the control and thumb of the Executive Branch so it’s crystal clear nothing meaningful will ever be done to stop any progressive plan designed to marginalize or fall America—citizens must now pitch in and do the work themselves!

For now it is clear. Obamacareless is not done attacking the middle-class who have already lost plenty and will likely never recover. And the sad fact of the matter is the King will rein for three more years—and even then he might not let go of his crown. For better or worse, we Americans made the monster by our unthinking, uninformed votes so let us now bend our knee to hail our first semi-official United States Royal—Hail King Obama. Long Live the American King! And down with liberty and justice for all…

Who said Americans cannot adapt to Third World living like everybody else—we can do anything if we put our heads to it, right!

Author’s notation: While this article focuses on the Democrat Party’s failings, it should be made clear that the Republican Party could be called out for its harms on the American people, nation and liberty through their insistence on perennial wars and the rise of the domestic fascist state ushered in under the George W Bush administration.  

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