ObamaCareless Rooted In Diabolical Powergrab

During the creation of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare (aka Obamacareless), Americans who took the time to follow events and see through the trickery realized that America had changed and stepped away from the established principles of our democratic based system of government. For the first time in known history, a sitting Speaker of the House was openly denying strong, robust, and appropriate floor debate on one of the nation’s most powerful and extensive Rights-breaking bills disguised as healthcare.

During the days leading up to the infamous bill and vote, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) repeatedly told members of Congress that it is was not necessary to read the bill or understand its contents—that instead, they must vote the Democrat Party’s line and support the bill’s passage. Republicans naturally re-framed, demanding openness and fairness and never getting either from the Speaker. Yet Pelosi continued to lie to the American people and her party-mates in the House, telling them passage of the bill would reduce healthcare costs for all Americans and insure tens of millions who had no insurance whatsoever.

As voters, party members, pundits and analyst read through the proposed Affordable Care Act, many serious questions began to rise. Yet during a 2010 National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, Pelosi said,

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”

Her remarks and actions leading up to the infamous bill passage exemplify how democratic principles have been destroyed in Congress to make way for a new monarchy form of government.

Obamacare passed into law with less than perhaps a dozen members of Congress having read the bill. As if following the pattern of other failed nation states in history, the blind had lead the blind toward ruination. The people chiefly responsible for the damage on America and Americans were Pelosi and Obama who were now ascending to their royal chairs as they forged the patterns of a new American monarchy. No longer would the Congress or White House operate within the US Constitution. New laws would be handed down from on-high and political power plays and polarization would take the lead on Capitol Hill. It was a turning-point for America and a major blow to democracy.

Diabolical Things Americans Did Not Know About The Affordable Care Act

Under the first rendition of the Affordable Care Act (HR 3200), the bill sought to ensure the Secretary to enforce mandatory medical chipping implants for all Americans.  When researchers got wind of the “chipping implant” scheme, controversy popped up and it was soon removed from subsequent bill versions, including HR 3590, HR 4872, the latter of which was eventually passed into law. Nancy Pelosi is reported to have told her minions that the “chipping” and other controversial aspects were being removed from HR 3200 but would later be added back in by amendment once a final bill was passed into law (presumably at a time when the public’s eyes would be turned elsewhere). In other words, “chipping” was vital to Obama monarchy agenda.

Never mind that the entire concept of medical chipping and tracking with government data access to each individual is anti-Privacy Rights, anti-Constitutional, anti-Liberty, and exemplifies Big Brotherism and tyranny to its highest possible degree. Obama worked behind the scenes while Pelosi openly ramrodded the Affordable Care Act into law in spite of its anti-American-value and Constitutional nature. The bill turned law would stand as illustrative testament to the unofficial fall of America as a democratic-based Republic—a law brought into being because of the Democrat Party’s command, not because Dem House members sought to represent their constituents or to protect core American values and respect for our Constitution. In other words, a small group of elitists had effectively eliminated critical thinking and voter representation in Congress and pushed their own agenda onto unsuspecting American, thereby paving the way for the new monarchy form of government—ruling by decree, not democratic mechanisms, processes under a strong checks and balances framework.

The ruling by decree of the monarchy was enhanced strongly by Senate Democrats under the edicts of Senator Harry Reid (D) who recently used the so called “nuclear option” and removed the age-old 60 vote requirement to break a filibuster. The filibuster rule is an ageless checks and balance rule designed to ensure the minority party has a voice and ability to block genuinely unwanted appointments or legislation when needed.

Today, the nomination, scrutiny and approval process of judges and other federal employees by the Senate have been converted to a “decree by the king” process—Obama need only point his finger at a nominee and a simple majority of 51 Dems in the Senate can instantly appoint without any opposition.

The power-grab has immense implications for all Americans simply because the appointment of radical judges (the Obama Administration’s routine pattern) cements the likelihood of radically converting the country’s laws away from traditional American values and respect for the Constitution. For example, a judge might rule that the federal government, due to Obamacare and the state’s need to keep healthcare costs down, has the complete and unilateral right to deny any and all medical services to someone who is expected to die within 12 months—the ruling might use the reasoning that the state does not have limitless resources and the terminal patient would consume more than their fair share of those limited resources (this is the sort of pervasive thinking among most Marxist progressives now in control of the Dem Party and Obama Administration as well as many of the newly appointed radical judges that are being decreed onto the American landscape as we speak).

The important take-away here is that the decree process itself is anti-democratic, hence unConstitutional, hence anti-American. And based on the decree processes so well documented and exemplified by the passing of the Affordable Care Act and “nuclear option”, it is clear democracy is realistically dead in America and now replaced by a monarchy form of government whereby new laws shall now be issued by decree going forward. Obamacareless is clearly rooted in a diabolical powergrab—and brilliant maneuver by the Democrat Party to usurp iron handed control over the US citizenry.

Medical Chipping Is A Fact – HR 3200 Shows Pelosi / Obama / Dem Party Intents

In our article, Dems Attempted Chip Implants On All Americans, we also show how the first version of Obamacare known as HR 3200 revealed the hand of the Democrat Party and its intents to ensure all Americans would be given medical chip implants that would eliminate their basic Constitutional Rights and liberty.


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