Would States Be Smart To End Fed Gov?

Most Americans misbelieve that the federal government controls their lives and is the only major government authority–that states and citizens are wards and servants to the central government. Of course, it’s absurd. It is this type of pro ‘big government” propaganda that has seeped into the cracks and crevices of American society over the decades like a wicked cancer that infests and rots the very core of the system. The reality is that states are in control of the federal government and citizens control their states–at least that was the original concept of the Founders.

The federal government has taken incredible steps to become the very fascist, anti-Constitutional, anti-democratic state that is once fought during WWI, WWII, Cold Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The military industrial complex (MIC) that makes fortunes from war has succeeded wonderfully in assuring many American and foreign deaths, all under the hidden motives of profiteering yet well wrapped in a patriotic-flag of disguise. And as MIC has grown, so too has the need for the profiteers to increasingly turn their focus onto US citizens and the domestic front toward greater control and profit taking.

The end of WWII was the beginning of a major turning point toward US fascism and communism, grown from inside the halls of an increasingly complex federal government where the left hands never see the right hands.

The Central Intelligence Group (CIG), formed up to replace WWII’s OSS spying apparatus, actually caused major political fallout as Americans feared the installation of the same institutions used by the Nazis in peacetime. Congress took control of the Executive Branch’s creation and replaced the CIG with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Over the decades that followed, the CIA became a direct pipeline to Russia during the Cold War–the US military, to this date, does not trust this incompetent and seditious, often pro-communist spy ring and for good cause. But the CIA infiltration by the KGB was only the beginning salvo in a massive war to take down the United States from within.

By 1953 the Executive Branch had tired of Congressional oversight and once again installed its own secret spy and “dirty-tricks” arm, the National Security Agency (NSA). Meanwhile, foreign political elements were exerting their own force on US soil.

Starting about 1921, the communist had well infiltrated the United States and formed (some will say subsumed) what would today be called the “progressive movement“. The plan was to infiltrate schools and colleges and supplant American ideology with Marxist principles and beliefs disguised in forms that included humanism, liberalism as well as so called “forward thinking” (change for change’s sake). That communist plan succeeded in changing the minds of younger generations and continues today in spite of the fall of the Soviet factions that originally installed it. However, communism aside, MIC had similar centralized control plans for the nation, which have been well cemented by their historical actions.

During WWII, the US military used a program that would later be known as Operation Shamrock to intercept all communications. Post war, the program was turned on Americans and eventually continued under the National Security Agency–it most-likely continues uninterrupted today, apart from other, relatively minor programs, such as thoose exposed by former national security contractor Edward Snowden.  The top secret Shamrock program was highly illegal and shows the military’s and federal government’s willingness to eliminate Constitutional Rights without a second thought–a process that blossomed a hundred-fold since WWII.

NSA spying projects, as well as a great many US military programs, are often kept alive through the age-old trick of changing secret code names and program titles to ensure the project remains secure from public disclosure and oversights. No matter that the entire program or project might violate every citizen’s 4th Amendment Rights (treating everyone like a criminal without reasonable or probable cause), such programs continue to flourish, paid for by taxpayers and voters. Secrecy has grown to be the US’s largest institution, erecting a secret government state that is many times larger than the open, public government system of the federal government.

Shamrock is but one example of hundreds that have been plied against the US citizenry and their collection of Rights–a complete breach of trust and breach of contract established under the US Constitution. This reality establishes new Rights for both states and citizens and puts the federal government on defense. It has forced MIC to try and usurp even more control.

Over the last 12-years, two White House administrations have taken wide sweeping steps to eliminate the final residues of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. A long series of Executive decrees (many highly illegal) as well as Congressionally approved laws such as the Patriot Act (unconstitutional), have all but eliminated citizen and state rights. One such law was the installation of the highly controversial Obamacare, which, for the first time in history, allowed the federal government to dictate what citizens had to buy and thus usurped the complete sovereignty of states (an unconstitutional affront violating the 10th Amendment) as well as 1st Amendment and other Rights of citizens.

Today, the move to install military and police drones and other spying technologies over and across US cities and towns has only been exceeded by government-to-business spy rings whereby companies like Google, Yahoo and many thousands of others are acting as direct conduits of individual data collection, aggregation, and profile creation–diverse programs whose centralized force rest inside the secret halls of the US intelligence community as well as MIC. It is a system that would have been envied by Hitler’s SS and the Nazi Party yet brought to life inside the halls of our own federal government and its highly complex secret labyrinths. These programs exists and flourish because of extreme paranoia of both officials and bureaucrats who now deem everything a national security threat, hence secret. The result is the exponential growth of “secret government”.

What these and many other things bring us to is the reality that in law and in practical purposes, the US Constitution and individual Rights guaranteed under it, are all but officially null and void. Yet the Constitution is a contract, one between the people, states and federal government–one that has been breached, thus giving citizens and states new legal options.

Given so many problems, including run-away deficit spending, the Senate’s overt attempt to flood the US market with over 7 million foreign workers per year amid 17% Real Unemployment and growth of less than 1/4 million new net jobs (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) and so many other examples of federal government gone rouge, would states and citizens now be better off simply canceling the US Constitution contract and going it alone–states in control of their own citizens and destiny? Could states and citizens simply send an official notice to all federal agencies that they are no longer legally recognized? Could the union be dissolved? And could the massive amount of taxes being diverted from states be put back into the states? And once the federal government is gone, could the states not once again meet, once again agree to a more perfect union, and reform a new central government free from decades of MIC and special interest corruptions toward returning liberty and Rights back to citizens? These are legitimate, if not pressing questions.

What is abundantly clear is that the federal government is broken and is continuing to disintegrate. The system is extremely flawed when government agencies set up by Congress do not and will not answer to Congress. The IRS case with Lois Lerner, Fast and Furious, and a very long list of rogue and lawlessness examples demonstrate to us that the federal government is now incapable of holding itself accountable—that federal employees can do basically anything they wish without consequences.  This process or reality is known by another name–totalitarianism!

The federal government has become adept at covering up its crimes and Constitutional breaches. It now routinely puts on a show called hearings and pretends to act in good faith to get to the bottom of these crimes and the people involved. However, ultimately, nothing is ever done to abate the conduct of government employee criminals–even those implicated in conspiracies after the fact in capital crimes like Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton are left unscathed. The Wall Street collapse of 2008 and the reality that the FBI failed to arrest and try even one person inside the federal government for their respective crimes and negligence, if not conspiracies to commit criminal acts, is all the proof anyone needs to see the federal government is completely broken. The FBI itself, once the nation’s prize possession and light for equal and blind justice, is now one of the most failed and corrupted institutions in the federal government. Their handling of the financial debacle proved that beyond all doubts.

What is certain is that these signals of collapse from the federal government tell states they need a contingency plan. They need to start meeting very often and forming up plans for the eventual economic and political fall of the federal government–a fall the federal government itself is creating. For no government, even one so corrupted as the US federal government, can last amid such a growing chaos and ever-increasing system of low ethics and lawlessness that must survive, now, only on deficit spending–a system where lunatic reasoning has made it a literal Mad House.

States need back-up plans that include the preparations for social unrest and infrastructure changes that will allow them to act as their own centralized government for a time–things like the coining of money and minting facilities prepped and ready to go when needed. States also need to prepare new state level law enforcement and agencies that, when needed, can step in and assume the duties once held by federal agencies. Emergency planning is not a crime, but the lack of forecasting needs, the lack of respect for the citizens and their safety, the lack of preparations that could lend to the break down of society because states failed to step in when the central government collapsed, these are all unacceptable and incompetent actions.

Such emergency planning by states that anticipate the fall of the federal government has one possible side effect that can actually make the planning moot, ultimately.

If the federal government sees states formally preparing for the possibility of the federal government’s collapse, or for secession and independence, it will send a shock-wave throughout the federal government and systems that could prove to be beneficial. Those within federal government’s halls who have integrity may take control away from those who don’t in an effort to save the union (and their own jobs). if they succeed, then the state back-up plans may become unneeded–but this appears a low probability scenario given the systemic corruptions documented across nearly every federal agency and department–an entire government build on a culture of corruptions, abuse of power, and lack of ethics and accountability.

In any case, the states owe the larger US society and their own citizens a sound “back-up emergency plan”. They need to prepare for just such a federal collapse contingency because the US citizenry is not one that tends to sit by and let the Police State take control–at some point a flash-point will likely occur and within hours or days, without warning, social unrest could overtake the country to form up a new America. The only question then is, will the states be able to move in quickly enough to gain the trust of the citizenry and hence direct them toward peaceful constructs and positive change movements or will society be left to crumble on its own–will a revolution between MIC and the people end in one of the bloodiest wars every fought in modern times, paving the way for foreign powers to simply step into the fray? Is the latter more acceptable than the former–if not, then emergency planning by the states needs to start now because over 300 million lives may depend on it!



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