Top Experts Tell Congress Obama Acting Unconstitutionally

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On Tuesday, the House judiciary Committee conducting hearings on Presidential Powers and the Constitution concluded, by overwhelming expert testimony and facts tied to the history and purpose of the Constitution, that President Obama is acting illegally and unconstitutionally with respect to several issues, including Obamacare, Illegal Immigration, Fast and Furious and more.

A detailed statement made by Chairman Hon. Goodlatte (R) Virginia outlined a variety of issues and actions that demonstrated criminal and unconstitutional acts of the White House. Obama is accused of asserting excessive presidential authority, routinely waiving and suspending laws and refusing to enforce laws simply because he dislikes the law. Obama has routinely undermined the rule-of-law and the entire legislature branch. “President Obama circumvents Congress when he doesn’t get his way,” said Goodlatte. “For instance… the president… ordered immigration officials to stop enforcing immigration laws against certain unlawful immigrants…. and illegal Obamacare modifications….”

Three of the four guest speakers detailed supports for Goodlatte’s stated issues. Some went on to explain how the wholesale suspension of law and the respective legal foundations and histories behind such Constitutional requirements.

Johnathan Turly, Georgetown University Law School Professor (the second most cited professor in the United States), said the president has crossed the Constitutional line and that this is not a “turf fight between politicians” but was instead an issue impacting our democracy and individual liberties. Congress brings stability to the democratic system. He said dialogue between the branches was needed for a working democracy and when eliminated, such as by the Executive Branch,  then only one branch of government makes unilateral decisions that ignore the needs or will of the other branches as well as the over-all will of the people and destabilizes our system of government. Congress is the “thumping heart” of our system. For decades, Congress has allowed its core authority to drain away and if this trend continues as now, Congress will become a “sad relic of what was once a tripartite system of government”.

Nicholas Rosenkranz, Georgetown University Law Professor contested the president’s unconstitutional actions with respect to handling of the Affordable Care Act, Immigration and Nationality Act, and the targeting of President’s adversaries through abuse of powers such as via the IRS targeting of conservative groups and individuals. The IRS targeting abuse was exceptionally “troubling” of the president’s requirement to faithfully uphold our laws.

The committee speakers noted that Immigration and Nationality Act / DREAM Act, which was not made law but was supported by the White House was being enforced by Obama as though law. Most alarming was how the Congressional “power of the purse” had been effectively eliminated by Obama by illegally shifting of government funds and spending from one program to another in direct violation of the law and approvals and mandated made by Congress. In other words, Obama has virtually rendered the Congress a meaningless branch of government.

In contrast, Ranking Member Hon. Conyers Jr. (D) Michigan and essentially the rest of the Democrats on the committee downplayed the movement of the Executive Branch to usurp monarch-like authority and standards, Instead of standing up for the needs of our democracy and to ensure the separation of powers as well as the basic tenants of democracy and liberty, the Democrates choose to take the low road and turn the affair into a political circus. They completely ignored nonparetisan warnings by top US experts on Constitutional law and instead rallied behind the remarks of the forth guest speaker who was blatantly using guile and debate trickery to confuse the panel and sidetrack the real issues and the serious implications.

As more Democrat members spoke, it became clear that they were not concerned about anything else other than adhering to what could be called a “brown shirt” level of blind support for the party line. They clearly upheld the President’s power-grabbing and unconstitutional actions because it met with the party’s agenda.

Democrat committee members argued that the illegal actions taken by the White House are in fact supported by the Constitution and were lawful with a legitimate aim at supporting the Affordable Care Act, illegal immigrants, and other wholesale actions to enforce or ignore aspects of the law (or non-laws) as the White House may deem fit.

During a brief questioning period, Hon. Darrell Issa (R) California got all the guest speakers to conclude and agree to a few aspects of history that showed the president overstepped his Constitutional authority:

  1. When President Andrew Jackson opposed Congress and the law and instead broke a treaty that removed Indians and put them on the Trail of Tears to their death.
  2. When President Nixon refused to turn over his tapes–but when ordered by the court to do so anyway, the Judiciary’s action ultimately lead to his rightful resignation of the president.
  3. When President Obama refused to comply with a lawful Congressional subpoena to turnover evidence with respect to the Fast and Furious scandal.

Anyone who takes the time to dig into the issues and watch the committee hearing will come away with only one conclusion: Obama has erected a monarchy and Congress is going to allow it to stand so that successive presidents will have even more dictatorial powers over the American people.


Experts Tell Congress Obama Acting Unconstitutionally

C-SpanHouse Judiciary Cmte: Presidential Powers and the Constitution (Direct link)

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