US Citzens Should Fight Obamacare

When voters listen to their leaders, they expect some fact twisting and hyperbole but not outright and premeditated deception on a mass scale. In US history, Obamacare will go down as one of the largest scams and government control pushes of individuals in the history of the Republic–a reality that was established by outright lies of President Obama and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Obama’s deliberate lies include:

  1. You can keep the same insurance you have now.
  2. Costs (insurance premiums) will be dramatically lower.
  3. There will not be any “death panels”.
  4. Your privacy is assured.

The facts now being revealed include:

  1. Obama knew insurance costs would rise as early as 2010 but kept repeating the lie that they would not.
  2. Insurance carriers are dropping most “existing policies” and replacing them with more expensive ones in nearly all cases.
  3. In some states, insurance premiums have or are set to increase by over 100% or more.
  4. In order to keep costs down, all recommended healthcare by a doctor to patients must be first approved by the Commissioner (or appointed representatives- hence panels who decide who will receive care, hence live or die).
  5. All medical files in all doctor’s offices across the country are being transitioned to electronic records and made available online to the federal government, including the notorious IRS and NSA, thus eliminating all privacy of the individual.

Outcrops now expected to occur, according to major experts, analyst and pundits include:

  1. Lower consumer consumption is expected as average middle class workers are forced to give up as much as 10% of their discretionary income toward paying higher insurance premiums forced by Obamacare.
  2. As consumer consumption falls, mass layoffs by employers will ensue to turn the economy into a deep, decade long recession that helps evaporate most remaining middle-class wealth and reserves.
  3. Generation Y will be robbed of its future chances for the American Dream as the recession exerts its harms—most graduates will be unable to obtain jobs sufficient to pay student debts, hence will default—over $1.5 trillion in student loans will have to be written off as a total loss by the federal student loan guarantee program (hence added to the national debt).
  4. The economy will suffer an immediate decline in 2014 and beyond due to much lower consumption as average middle class workers are forced to give up as much as 10% of their discretionary income toward paying higher insurance premiums forced by Obamacare.
  5. Millions of young adults will refuse (or be unable to afford) to sign-up for Obamacare (to either avoid government snooping on their personal lives or insurances costs for services they will almost never need—they will likely not have enough income to afford premiums).
  6. The Obamacare system will collapse financially (due to a lack of sign-ups) and hence $1 trillion government bail-out will ensue toward trying to prop up the  broken system (but it will still fail and the monies lost will be added to the national debt).
  7. Employers and others will have wasted over $1 trillion on trying to meet Obamacare regulations before the anti-employer regulations are finally removed from the law books..

Aspects we also see coming include:

  1. Thousands of lawsuits brought by individuals against the federal government for various aspects of Obamacare, including violations of the 1st, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments as well as privacy intrusions and other aspects that will ratchet up as much as $50 billion in new legal costs for the federal government and eventually overturn the law,
  2. Massive voter revolt against the Democratic Party and progressive movement will lead to its  collapse and the rise of a new Worker’s Party that upholds constitutional freedoms but also stands up for middle class opportunities and needs that oppose the “nanny state”.
  3. A strong potential for national level, low-scale rioting and civil disobedience rises as millions of workers across the nation become unemployed and destitute due to the outcrops of Obamacare on the national economy–mass scale starvation and crime waves begin.

In the “must read” article, “Obamacare Isn’t About Health, It’s About Control” by J.D. Heyes, startling additional revelations show that the law is an attempt to exert full government control over the lives of all US citizens through the guise of healthcare. The facts revealed are stunning as well as sad.

The big picture is revealed to show us that Obamacare is clearly be about putting an end to individual liberty and the US Constitution toward the rise of a new politburo type government system and authority. Those inside the halls of power are seeking even more power to ensure absolute control over the American people using the guide of healthcare to achieve their ends.

For the reasons stated above, we believe that it is the duty of each and every US citizen not to comply with the dictates of Obamacare and to resist any and all government actions toward forcing anyone to comply–the government is not master of the people but is suppose to be servant. Yet Obamacare is clearly trying to reverse that traditional relationship, which makes it unconstitutional in that sense alone.

Remember, Obamacare was only deemed “constitutional” by the supreme court on the grounds that the government could impose any type of tax it wished. The law has never been challenged on a variety of other legal grounds that now exist, hence there are a great many avenues still open to put the law to permanent death (where it belongs).

On a final common sense note—if the federal government is so incompetent that it cannot effectively set-up and run a healthcare website, how can any competent American believe it the government can competently and efficiently run 1/6th of the US economy known as healthcare? It’s time for political and party idiots to stand down and for wise Americans and leaders to stand up!







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