Obama Seeks Amnesty For 9.5 Million Felony Perps

The collective fringe group chant today is known as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, a code word for sanctioned criminal conduct by the White House Administration and its down-flow of edicts to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Under the Senate’s bill proposal (recently approved), an estimated 9.5 million felony perpetrators will be given amnesty and a path to citizenship needlessly. Yet most Americans, and even Republicans, still refuse to face the facts about one of the largest lawbreaking deployments and conspiracies ever revealed inside the United States federal government.

The DHS and ICE have used the illegal excuse of budget constraints to support their need to issue criminal policies and procedures that are directly and indirectly aiding millions of people to commit felonies against individuals, businesses and the government itself. Worse, the DHS, ICE, the White House and even the Senate have taken great steps to cover-up the federal government’s massive crime spree in order to protect political agendas and hundreds of federal employees that would otherwise be caught, jailed, and put on trial for their respective criminal actions. It’s all being done in the name of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a major left-wing push to undermine the Black and Hispanic job community as well as devalue wages for all Americans (while pushing up profits for transnational corporations who support the Democrat Party).

Here’s how it works…

When an illegal alien applies for a job with a legitimate employer (or one who is knowingly turning their heads while complying with hiring laws), they must submit a variety of documents as well as certify that the information they give is true and correct under penalty of perjury. All documents presented by the illegal alien for securing employment are typically forged or falsified, making the use of such documents a violation of law (typically one felony for each falsified document used in the hiring process). A birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security card, if forged or falsified and used by the illegal alien is the deliberate perpetration of a felony. Therefore, any illegal alien working in the US using such documents to secure employment have knowingly committed at least one felony. Studies show over 67 percent of illegal aliens have committed 2-or-more felonies (and often include felonies outside the job or hiring scope).

Matters equal, any illegal alien working for an employer in the Black Market, that is, “working for cash under the table” and off the employer’s books is also committing a felony (as is the employer).  While it is not known how many illegal aliens are working in the Black Market, one study has determined 87 percent of the illegal alien population in the United States has consumed a job illegally, hence has committed one or more felonies to do so.

While the E-verify program has proven to be over 99% successful during a multi-year volunteer testing period, and that it would largely solve the felony employment issue (as would TARA), lawmakers have preferred to aid and abet illegal aliens over sound public policy and law & order principles.

The White House / DHS / ICE have affected a major crime spree by taking advantage of the government’s ability to pick-and-choose which laws it will enforce or prosecute on a grand scale. The policy is unlawful because government is required to prosecute all crimes, unless certain extenuating circumstances are involved. Under the Obama “catch-and-release” policy, illegal aliens who have not yet been prosecuted and convicted will be released onto US soil as so called “benign class aliens”. The act of release is a criminal act by law enforcement itself because under National Security laws, all illegal aliens are to be suspected of being potential terrorists until properly cleared by a thorough background search by law enforcement. This means any illegal alien who is released prematurely is unlawful and that law individual officers (and supervisors) are actually “aiding and abetting” criminals and possible terrorists–a violation of national security laws and US public policies.

Under the law, authorities are required to hold illegal alien perpetrator until they are either tried, convicted and jailed or officially cleared (after a full background screening and clearance process) and then returned to their homeland. If the illegal alien is suspected of being a terrorists, then other protocol are in place for that contingency (starting with handing them over to the FBI).  In no case is it lawful to release an illegal alien onto US soil knowingly–to do so is a criminal offense. Yet this is the option mandated (unlawfully) by the White House (and DHS / ICE) policies.

DHS / ICE also usurp the duties of the Judiciary (another unlawful act) when they deliberately fail to ensure that each illegal alien caught is properly adjudicated prior to their release. In many cases, DHS / ICE simply release the illegal alien onto US soil with 24 hours of having caught them, thereby undermining the entire purpose and need for budgets or agencies such as DHS / ICE. It the same effect of an old West town having a bought-and-paid-for marshal who works for the corrupt cattle baron—they get to make up the laws as they damn well please!

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is on record telling DHS and ICE that they are to release benign class illegal aliens back into the US population and to focus strictly on those who have criminal records. Over 5-million DHS / ICE felony aiding and abetting releases are calculated to have occurred under the direction and approval of Napolitano and Obama. And yet an estimated 87% of those released have committed at least one felony (which has been effectively covered-up and kept off the crime records by what can only be classified as the largest criminal conspiracy ever perpetrated inside the federal government.

RICO ACT Criminal Conspiracy — Has Power To Impeach Obama, Jail Napolitano

It is the equivalent of dressing a lion up to look like a harmless sheep in order to fool the sheepherder and it is one of the largest criminal enterprises and conspiracies inside the United States government that has ever been uncovered to date. Learn the stunning facts as they relate to illegal immigration in our article: Top US Officials Accused of RICO Act Violations

False Humanity Arguments

In contrast, we hear many false arguments from the fringe element groups that make up about 10 percent of the voter pools. Such arguments are proven false here.

False Non-Solution Arguments

It has been argued repeatedly that it would be impossible to send 11-13 million illegal aliens home, that the US government could not do it logistically or in all practicality. This article disproves that argument.

Illegal Alien Numbers and Percentages

100% Pool = 87% workers + 4% gang members + 5% incarcerated + 4% too young / too old to work

87% workers = 67% with 2 or more jobs in 1-year + 20% with 1 job in a year

Each job obtained by an illegal alien represents at least 1 felony having been perpetrated in order to secure or maintain that job, hence:

87% illegal alien workers = 1 felony perpetration

67% illegal alien workers = 2 or more felony perpetrations

[In the United States of America, committing one or more felonies in order to work is not considered a crime by the Democrat Party or its members, based on its passage of the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill.]

Illegal Immigration Can Be Solved In 24 Months Using TARA bill proposal



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