Top US Officials Accused of RICO Act Violations

It’s far bigger and more harmful to Americans and America than Nixon’s Watergate and still little is known or reported on this stunning issue. Yet there is a clear, traceable, documented, and undeniable conspiracy by high US officials and others in the federal government to erect and conduct crime inside the federal government on a mass scale—all motivated by money and political power at the highest levels. And for lack of a better name, we call it “Alien-Gate”.

On the surface, the issues can seem small when taken one crime at a time, but collectively, and looked at from the big picture perspective, it’s the equivalent of high officials stealing a truck load of diamonds from the American people and aiding and abetting in serial murder, rape and more—all in order to obtain their ill-be-gotten-gains. And just like Watergate, the buck starts and stops in the White House.

To understand how this massive but largely hidden criminal enterprise operates, we need to first examine some basic realities inside the issue of illegal immigration and the processing of illegal aliens with respect to federal law enforcement.

When an illegal alien is caught by DHS / ICE, in almost all cases the interview process reveals whether or not the illegal alien was working and who they were working for. DHS / ICE know from processing millions of illegal aliens that in every case where the illegal alien has been working, they have also committed at least one felony in order to get employed (using forged or false documents, such as Driver’s licenses, birth certificates, perjury statements and more). However, under deliberately hidden policies and powerful threats made by high officials across several agencies, law enforcement agents are typically prohibited from charging or prosecuting the illegal alien with such felony violations. Therefore, the illegal alien, in most cases, will not be prosecuted for their crimes but will instead be let go largely unprocessed in the justice cycle. The result is the illegal alien felony perpetrator maintains a clean criminal record whether they have committed one or even ten felonies.

The “catch and release” process helps officials ensure several dishonest activities or crimes through the misreporting process. For example, when the illegal alien is let go without prosecution, the federal government can then report that the illegal alien was of a “benign class” because they had no criminal record. The government will not report that the illegal alien was a felony perpetrator who was not prosecuted for their crimes because of their own unlawful policies prohibiting prosecution. Hence US voters will be easily duped into thinking most illegal aliens are not criminals when, in fact, the opposite is verifiable as being much more accurate.

By not prosecuting illegal aliens for their felony employment related crimes (or other crimes), the illegal alien maintains a so called “clean criminal record” and thus is able to become a serial offender through the direct aid of federal law enforcement officials. Hence much of the nation’s crime rate is artificially kept high by the illegal actions of DHS / ICE and others who return illegal aliens to US soil rather than upholding the law.

DHS then knowingly, with criminal intent, makes false data claims designed to deceive the US citizenry and lawmakers. They report millions of felony perpetrating illegal aliens as “non-criminal” or “benign classes” and thus dramatically skew the facts that are used by Congress toward crafting new legislation. The result is a deliberately intended derailing of American democracy via criminal enterprise inside the federal government itself.

The false reporting process also allows DHS to claim that it is solely focused on capturing and deporting criminal aliens, even though it knows that a likely 87 percent of the entire illegal alien population in the US are felony perpetrators and should all be deported as required by law.

Meanwhile, these realities remain unchecked by watch-dog police powers such as the FBI, which is also an agency under the thumb of the White House. Instead of ferreting out criminals inside the federal government, the FBI is turning its head and allowing other law enforcement officials to deliberately “aid and abet” illegal aliens in escaping justice while simultaneously derailing democratic transparency processes.  Rather than prosecuting, jailing, then properly expelling illegal aliens from the country as required by law, federal law enforcement across the board has rewritten our laws and undermined law and order to violate basic American values and the FBI has deliberately aided and abetted the criminals and process by failing to do its job.

The results of these practices and policies include:

  • The loss of over $300 billion per year by taxpayers who are forced to pay for illegal aliens, their collective welfare, crimes, imprisonment, and excess government and law enforcement personnel needed to process them under “revolving door policies”.
  • The loss of over 4 million high paying jobs and 5 million moderate paying job to illegal aliens in industries such as manufacturing, movie making, meat processing, and more.
  • The devaluation of wages across the board for all American due to 1) the artificial increase in the labor supply that pushes down wages for all earners, and 2) the reality that illegal aliens will work for sub-par wages, thus forcing US citizens to work for less or lose their jobs.
  • The distribution of misinformation with deliberate intent to mislead voters and lawmakers into making bad choices that further undermine the common good and well being of the nation as a whole–a new form of sedition.

Sadly, in many cases, the prematurely released illegal alien may also be a terrorist so the national security implications alone are not only truly stunning, but raise important criminal violations that range all the way up to high treason. Yet DHS / ICE refuse to take even this basic reality into account–instead placing the entire US population in harm’s way needlessly with their unlawful actions and unstated policies.

Given the reality that the Senate’s recent passage of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill will reward an estimated 9.5 million felony perpetrators with US citizenship, we have to ask what else is the bill attempting to affect? Could it be attempting to legalize millions of illegal aliens in an effort to cover-up massive federal government crimes by employees and officials? Has the DHS and White House been infiltrated by a foreign power or enemy? Exactly what has happened to cause such a remarkable situation that few voters find hard to swallow? And more importantly, at this moment in time, precisely what did the Senate’s Gang of Eight know on these issues beforehand, before they deliberately manipulated the Senate into passing such a subversive bill based on illegal manipulated disinformation? Were they all in collusion and part of a larger plot of treason or were they simply blind to the realities because so many top officials inside the federal government had worked so hard to deceive them? There are many questions, yet still no answers.

The next questions must be directed at the House and Speaker John Boehner. Is the House aware of this massive criminal enterprise inside the federal government and will they also support the subversive Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill passed by the Senate? Just how extensive is the cancer on Capitol Hill? How many Republicans have joined in this ugly fringe-crime group and its actions along with Dems? And how many Dems are aware of the crime-cover-up plot as well? We need answers. Yet nobody in the news media is investigating or reporting—again, why not?

What we do know, what we can confirm by investigative journalism, is that for the first time in recent history, top federal government officials  have conspired unlawfully to aid and abet criminal behavior on a massive scale—to deliberately oppose stated US policies, laws and American values. And yet nobody in the mainstream, left-stream, right-stream, or religious-stream news, print or broadcast, is reporting on the biggest story of the 21st Century—US voters must ask, why not! and in failing to demand answers, then must accept the fact they are aiding and abetting the criminals with their collective silence or in-actions.

At Least The US Border Patrol Is Standing Up For America and Against The Obama / DHS Conspiracy

Research shows that many in law enforcement and the federal government oppose the administration’s forced criminal policies but are coerced into cooperation via threat of loss of their jobs or pensions. Therefore, the Obama Administration and DHS appear to have erected a legally qualifying RICO Act conspiracy inside the federal government that is deliberately designed to defraud the public and exact intentionally harmful legislation toward undermining the nation’s security and economic opportunities (especially opposing citizens and legal immigrant wage earners). There is also a profit motive. As a result, high officials in the White House, DHS and ICE could be realistically charged with many crimes, up to and including (in some cases), treason.

In part, it is this reality that has the US Border Patrol up in arms against the Obama Administration, suing them in open court over the White House’s insistence on continuing its massive lawbreaking schemes within the DHS and ICE toward undermining the nation’s security and making a mockery of the Border Patrol’s mission and purpose.

Border Patrol agents understand that once the illegal alien is released back onto US soil, it makes their job and law enforcement integrity look ridiculous—they understand that in most cases, the illegal aliens will simply commit more crimes (because, after all, the illegal alien inherently does not respect our laws to begin with, which is why they come illegally in the first place). Many released illegal aliens will go on to commit in excess of 6 more felonies before finally being prosecuted for any crime. Some will even commit violent crimes, like murder or armed robbery or child rape and many others will affect manslaughter via drunk driving (innocent victims will needlessly die because someone who was not suppose to be in the country was here in spite of the law—and because federal officials aided and abetted the alien in many cases). Meanwhile, illegal aliens will continue to use falsified documents toward stealing jobs, hence livelihoods from legal immigrants and citizens, particularly those in the Black and Hispanic communities.

Solving Illegal Immigration Permanently

For those interested in the subject, this article explains how illegal immigration can be ended permanently (within about 24 months) under the TARA bill proposal



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