Trump Immigration Plan Analysis

After an avalanche of Citizen America members asking for it, here it is—my Trump Immigration Plan analysis.

Many of you have followed me since my early middle-class activism days as Chief Editor of PUA News and President of the Patriot Union of America. You also know I am on the short list of America’s top experts on illegal immigration and that I have been fighting against it for a very long time now.

Some of you may even be aware that illegal aliens destroyed the entire Southern California construction industry of high paying jobs and unions; that illegals took away the livelihoods of millions of US families as they flocked across the border stealing jobs for pennies on the dollar—a few of you may recall that my father was a victim of that as yet unpunished crime spree that continues to this day. I personally saw families lose their homes, their cars and some who were broken apart due to the financial havoc the job thieves from Mexico and elsewhere had forced on them–how the government did nothing because employers were increasing their profits with cheap labor. Meanwhile, many US families suffered.

Today, I can go into most fast food or motels or hotels or restaurants in Southern California and find that over 80% of the employees are illegals–we know that because adults who have long ago immigrated here legally can speak English in most cases–those here illegally do not (as a rule). Many of the top fast food corporations in the area hire illegal aliens only and exclude Blacks, Asians and Whites from their employment roles. Yes, they get away with discrimination because they are hiring illegal aliens and helping them, which is the unspoken but highly supported policy of the Democrats and especially the Obama Administration (one of the most dangerous, corrupted and criminal administrations in the history of the United States) still highly complicit in the mass aiding and abetting of illegal aliens (a felony for each person helped).

Therefore, when I see one man, Donald Trump, finally stand up for Americans, stand up for right over wrong, stand up for America and the integrity of our laws, especially our immigration laws and US workers, I find it almost shocking. However, I also find myself being grateful as well.

In 2010 and 2011 I heavily corresponded with Trump headquarters and provided presidential-run strategy and key issue details, among which included insights on illegal immigration and the middle-class as well as aspects on jobs and the economy. I was the first to urge him to run for the White House and I thought he would but he backed out at the last minute. I was disappointed because it meant 4-more years of a criminal and anti-American in the White House. I think it’s wonderful somebody was paying attention and that ultimately, Trump got the message from someone, if not from me, and finally threw his hat into the ring (even if he does not have, yet, a competent campaign management team or win strategy).

I firmly believe illegal (and now legal immigration) is one of worst enemies of America and workers right now on so many levels it’s very difficult to discuss intelligently in this brief article. I am glad it is being discussed and debated by Trump, even if unintelligently by the news media–especially the idiot neophytes at Fox News and all mainstream news media who remain clueless (it’s very hard to find a competent journalist on this subject these days–nearly all support a bias for amnesty–which is defined as allowing illegal aliens the reward of being allowed to remain in the country, regardless of imposed fines, etc.).

Upon review of the Trump Immigration Position (on his website on Aug 17, 2015), my first reaction is “great”—it’s not thorough but it is a good first step in a long road headed in the right direction. And it is far better than anyone else in the Republican line-up will ever offer, likely, save Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz (two more of my conservative favorites in the race—and for the record, I’m a registered Independent, not a Republican and certainly not a progressive-communist aka Democrat).

Here is what I would add to the Trump Position Statement:

  1. Before anything else is done… installation of Mandatory E-Verify by executive order until Congress passes a similar law. (Only interior enforcement can truly solve the border crisis by helping kill the jobs magnet that pushes illegals to our borders).
  2. Tax breaks for all companies that provide on-the-job training to US citizens and who waive use of H1-B visas.
  3. Tax penalties (no write-off of the costs) for any employee hired on an H1-B visa.
  4. Under-age children of illegal aliens born in the US will be provided the option of: A) returning home with their parents to their home country to become citizens there officially, or B) staying here and being placed in foster care but otherwise will not be deported because they are technically US citizens–they are permanently prohibited from sponsoring the parent’s immigration back to the US.
  5. Persons 18 years old and higher in the US unlawfully must return to their homeland–mandatory. They may apply for, and receive, a priority return claim to come back through the legal immigration system only if they have a direct family member here who is already a legal resident or citizen and only after paying a $25,000 fine (to go to the victims of illegal aliens fund) and only after all legal immigrants in front of them have had their applications processed first (and only if Trump supports their coming back—I do not).
  6. A wall on the Canadian side should be installed as well, with Canada paying for it–terrorists are already documented using Canada (and Mexico) as a staging place for entry into the US. A combination of wall, sensors and cameras along the wall, and surveillance drones patrolling the wall will ensure the bulk of integrity for the border wall system–nobody with a ladder or poll vault gets over without someone in US authority seeing it and capturing them.
  7. Create a new law making it a class one felony to illegally trespass from a foreign land over our border or overstay a visa.
  8. Create a new law making it a felony and 1-year mandatory jail sentence and $25,000 fine for the CEO or owner of any company who hires an illegal alien knowingly or unknowingly (unless they have cleared the employee through the E-Verify system first.
  9. Provide Mandatory E-Verify with a 24-hour government response time to address any problems with the system that employers may have and to resolve the problem within 72-hours or thereafter exempt, temporarily, the employer from prosecution for hiring or using the perspective employee.
  10. Demand employers screen all their current employees using E-Verify and give them 90-days to do it, once the law takes effect.
  11. Make it a felony for any government employee who refuses to enforce immigration laws with mandatory expulsion; install a private company to investigate all complaints against federal employees and provide their reports and prosecution materials to the Attorney General–make prosecution mandatory.
  12. Install a federal level penalty tariff that is applied to all imported goods from any country bringing products into the United States–a mandatory $100,000 fine for each person caught in the US unlawfully from that country–bar all such goods until the penalty tariff is paid in full (then watch how fast illegal immigration stops because countries like Mexico will start enforcing their own laws and protecting their own borders).

Why Most Illegal Aliens Have Perpetrated Felonies

I need to make a very important point that is overlooked by most Americans, reporters, pundits and even Trump.

Using the very conservative Pew Research Center statistics and comparing the number of illegal aliens in the US against the number of working illegal aliens, we can safely conclude that over 62% of all illegal aliens have committed one or more felonies in order to secure employment unlawfully, whether by virtue of falsified documentation, false certification, cash-based employment, or related employment crimes. These are crimes that US citizens are prosecuted for but that illegal aliens are not. I will also add that in 2010, The Patriot Union did a study that documented 87% (not 62%) of illegal aliens had committed one felony and 67% two or more. That study used many more sources than Pew and Pew itself, even now, admits its own study and statistics should not be considered infallible (they use very conservative metrics).

The only reason why 62% (or more) of illegal aliens in the US are not showing up as convicted felons in our criminal database systems is because the Bush and Obama Administrations both refused to prosecute illegal aliens for these types of crimes–because it served their political purposes. Therefore, we can safely say that 62% or more of all illegal aliens have perpetrated one or more felonies, even if they have not yet been charged or convicted (but have otherwise been aided and abetted by the White House illegally [Note: Obama’s act of aiding illegal aliens is an unconstitutional act, hence an impeachable act, but again, Republicans refused to do their job of impeaching him—hence they, too, are just as much to blame for the immigration problems in America today]—Trump, by contrast, is a breath of fresh air—he represents the protest vote because most Americans protest their corrupted “political class” these days–regardless of party.

In other words, the majority of illegal aliens in the US are “undesirable criminals” and not the type of people the US should be considering as immigrants under any circumstances—a very important set of facts never discussed in the media or by Donald Trump, which I think is harmful to America because it hides a very important reality and set of facts that impacts this issue and how voters ultimately perceive it. Most voters would not support allowing illegal aliens to stay in the US if they knew most had perpetrated a felony or two—it ought to be discussed often.

Self Deportation Is Historically Proven To Work

We often hear lunatics say “we can’t round up 11 million illegal aliens–it would take billions of dollars and over 20-years to do and it’s not realistic! The pro-amnesty bunch says this falsehood as if its the only choice or a fact. It is not!

During President Eisenhower’s Administration, the federal government instituted “Operation Wetback” (its official name) and began rounding up illegal aliens on farms who were undermining and destroying wages and jobs for Americans in the 1950s. While the program was successful in capturing many illegal aliens, the vast majority got wind of it and self-deported on their own. The same thing will happen once Mandatory E-Verify is installed because illegal aliens will no longer be able to hide in the shadows and steal jobs from Americans—they will be forced to repatriate on their own, without round-ups by the federal government (nobody is going to stay in a country illegally where they are not wanted and cannot work to support themselves). They will head home quick as a lightening flash—that is, all but the criminals and kids. For them, we arrest the criminals (use Trump’s plan for that) and for the kids, see my list above—problem solved and it costs zero dollars to tax payers.

And if you really want a top notch, comprehensive illegal immigration solution, install the Citizen America bill proposal “Immigration Integrity Act” (or better yet, Trump and IIA combined).

Dealing With Trust Issues For Candidates, Including Trump

Frankly, I respect legal immigrants and US workers so I fear policies that ultimately reward illegal aliens over those who do it right. Every campaign promise, as we learned from Obama, is subject to becoming a complete lie once that person is officially elected.

I think Trump believes in restoring America and our middle class but I worry he will fall back to his olden days a-bit-liberal-leaning side once he gets into office. Having now seen his position paper on immigration and how he has given it some detailed thought with a strong conservative, pro-American worker approach, I will say my worries have been markedly reduced. However, I want to see more positions on more issues before I commit again fully. In all cases, I am glad he is in the running—just that fact alone is helping our nation by exposing important issues and facts once left dead by our corrupted politicians so for that—-thank you Mr. Trump!

 * * *

FYI—Who Will Clean Our Toilets If Illegals Go Home?

There is no such thing in America as a job that employers cannot fill. There is no legitimate study that shows Americans will not do certain types of jobs if paid a fair wage to do it. The issue is that too many employers are exploitative and want ‘slave labor’ and to pay ‘slave labor wages’, which is why they fight so hard to keep illegal immigration alive—they make more profits. Yet this is a recurring theme in United States that makes good people sick to their stomachs!

Recall the history of Black slavery and Post-Civil-War-America and how Black wage earners were also exploited, turned back into slaves through the low or exploitative wages they were paid–employers used the ‘company store’ to further exploit them—today, the new company store is the expectation of employers that illegal aliens will eat rice and beans and crowd 12-people into a tiny one bedroom apartment—about all they can afford on the sub-par wages many are paid.

Voters who support illegal immigration are supporting exploitation of workers and human rights and dignity—there is no justification for it anymore than there was justification for keeping Blacks in slavery.

The real question is, why hasn’t this country grown up and learned its lesson yet!!! Slavery was outlawed because it was reprehensible, ergo too, so must illegal immigration be forever ended and all workers forever respected.

If your company cannot afford to pay a higher wage then fine—close your doors—and then open another business that can afford to pay fair and decent middle-class wages. And remember this… all your competitors will have to also pay market wages too, so there is no disadvantage business once integrity is restored to the markets.

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