Lame Duck President Fails To Quack Apology

Just able to limb into the center ring of the world’s biggest circus called Capitol Hill, the now Lame Duck President was unwilling to quack out a meaningful apology to millions of Americans that he and Nancy Pelosi’s Congress ramrod ObamanationCareless—a debacle that left millions of citizens uninsured and its skyrocketing healthcare and insurance costs in direct opposition to the purpose of the law.

Meanwhile, the incompetent administration has, for over 5-years, been unable to lead the Congress and mend fences across the aisles, instead, choosing amateur and derisive tactics under an executive order Kingship decree program. Nobody in recent memory has done more to polarize the nation and its political seats.

Unemployment, in real terms, is still massively highly (near 14%) but the government’s use of manipulation statistics has tricked many voters into thinking the nation is better off, that unemployment is well under control. Not satisfied with high unemployment, the president is also seeking to ramrod immigration reform and the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform plan that promises to bring in 75-million new workers to the US within the next 10-years—forgetting the fact that the nation was only able to produce 2.3 million new jobs in the last 10-years. Mr. Duck’s plan is to swamp the nation with cheap labor in order to force downward wage pressure and higher income inequality.

With deficient spending continuing at a phenomenal $1+ trillion clip per year, even the low brow International Monetary Fund and World Bank both project US dollar collapse as a result of Duck’s out-of-control spending policies. A dollar collapse, as most Americans already know, would strip the country of virtually all its assets—a scary proposition that the White House is willing to gamble on behalf of all its citizens.

President Duck does not need a Tea Party or Republicans as a political enemy when he has his own track record and actions to speak for and against him. Obamacare, perhaps a good idea, is now considered one of the worst written laws ever devised and completely unworkable and unsalvageable.  Once Obamacare is taken off the table, the feathery quacker has very little to present as a winner for the American people:

  • Things like student loans and college got more expensive.
  • Jobs became less plentiful and lower paying.
  • Infrastructure continues to collapse.
  • Taxes continue to rise.
  • Government spying on citizens has reach an all time high.
  • A massive increase in programs of power abuse and intimidation by government targeting those that do not agree with its policies, rhetoric or ideology.
  • Party politics polarized to the maximum degree over a departure from traditional ideology and principles that built the nation and its collective wealth.
  • A massive increase in the size of government with virtually no increase in net benefits to the people.
  • A housing market that collapsed and striped the middle class of over $11 trillion in net wealth that can never be recovered.

What Americans wanted to hear from their president was how he was going to do the one thing they have come to realize he is incapable of doing—show leadership and extend the olive branch to ensure bipartisan solutions for the things the parties actually do agree upon. In other words, the State of the Union is declined, declining, and not likely going to change until the Duck sets aside his enormous ego and does what is right for the nation—resigns!


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