Playing The Trump Card 2016

Do you stand with NBC and so many large organs and companies and people who clearly hate America and our democracy by spreading false propaganda? Think.

During his announcement to run for the White House, Donald Trump spoke to the American people candidly and factually about illegal immigration and illegal immigrants (the majority of whom are from Mexico–a country that mostly opposes respect for America or Americans). Yet NBC, Huffington Post, and other content outlets are routinely lying to America and saying Trump attacked “immigrants”. News flash people. Immigrants respect the law and come to the US lawfully—illegal aliens, illegal immigrants are documented very well as being a group composed of law breakers, including child molesters, rapists, murders, robbers, human traffickers. Millions have perpetrated felonies–a hard fact!

What’s to like and support about that—is NBC and others saying that Hispanics support such criminal activities that undermine America? Is the Huffington Post saying that if you speak out against such things (using facts), like Trump did, you are then racists? How did pro-law, pro-morals, pro-ethics and pro-justice suddenly become “racism”? How did pro-support for border security and protecting American lives amid an international terrorism crisis and documents border incursions by terrorists suddenly become anti-Mexico and anti-Mexican instead of pro-America and pro-life protection?

Mexico is a foreign country and Mexicans are citizens of that country only. Anyone immigrating to the US legally from Mexico then becomes a US Hispanic immigrant—they are no longer a “Mexican”.

About 59% of all illegal aliens are Mexicans, aka unwanted interlopers, aka criminals who do not respect America or its laws—obviously—so why do progressives and Democrats and some radical Hispanic groups respect these lawbreakers—why are criminals being elevated over respect for America and law and order by these groups and others? Have we become that sick as a nation?

Below is the actual Trump announcement. See what he really said on illegal immigration—then attack every media and social outlet that spreads lies to destroy facts and thus undermine our democracy.

Donald Trump, if elected, will:

  • tell the American people the hard facts.
  • create over 20 million new and high paying jobs in less than 2-years.
  • restore the American Dream and our housing markets.
  • restore our healthcare, end Obamacare (a major crime) and create a better system.
  • restore Veterans to the promises given them by us, America—now an international disgrace.
  • rebuild Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid by making our country wealthy again.
  • streamline the tax system to help the poor and middle-class.
  • take back all bad trade deals and make new trade deals that finally put USA 1st.
  • will protect and cherish the 2nd Amendment.
  • will restore our national infrastructure of roads, bridges, dams, etc.
  • will reduce our national debt by leaps and bounds to restore the US dollar and economy.
  • will end the era of left-wing socialism (aka communism) pitched by progressives and Dems.
  • will end illegal immigration and secure our borders—finally!

[And if we are lucky, Trump will help restore our dead Constitution by striking down the civil rights killing, unconstitutional laws such as the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act that give the government the power to call any American a terrorist, arrest and hold them indefinitely, and never give them a lawyer or a trial—that gives the government the right to secretly enter and search anyone’s home or office without a warrant, and so much more. These two tyrannical acts by government are very akin to the pre World War II Germany laws that gave Hitler and the State absolute power over the citizenry and striped all Rights–the power that lead to fascism’s murdering of over 6 million Jews. These two laws are not only unconstitutional but reprehensible–they represent a legal paving of the road so as to prepare for “crimes against humanity” and those who voted for such laws should be put on trial for high treason—but let’s settle for striking the laws down ASAP.].

The above is a concrete list of items that Trump promises to do and he is the type of person who walks his talk. He does not need money. He does not need “special interest money” so they cannot control him—nobody can control Trump from behind the scenes. That means he is free to fix America using the common sense and great ideas we have all voiced and demanded for years.

A Lackluster or Dirty Candidate Alternative List

Now look at some of the other 2016 presidential candidate choices:

Hillary Clinton

  • alleged to have aided in the murder of US Ambassador and others in Benghazi.
  • alleged to have committed several felonies through illegally used private e-mails.
  • alleged to have illegally used foreigner funds or profited from such through the Clinton Foundation.
  • alleged ad nausea for so many illegal activities we have lost count…

Chris Christie

  • a tyrannical man who imposes his will and could care less about anyone’s input, press or voters alike.
  • a man who closed down a bridge to commit a felony and interfere with Civil Rights of others.
  • a RINO (enough said).

Other RINOs of inconsequence:

  • Jeb Bush (wants illegal aliens made legal so USA can give them $1/4 trillion in benefits)
  • Bobby Jindal (wants illegal aliens made legal too – accused of racism and scandal).
  • Marco Rubio (wants illegal aliens made legal too – accused of being a RINO–voted for passage of comprehensive immigration amnesty bill).

Most of the candidates in either party are career politicians. That means they know how to lie very well without appearing to lie. Trump’s problem, if you can call it that, is that he’s not a liar–he’s candid and to me, very refreshing to see in our political process.

I will personally be playing the Trump Card 2016. I’m done with the Bush and Clinton dynasties and progressive-Pinko-socialist experiments of the Democrats. And I’m tired of a weak America and suffering Americans. For once, I want to see a real leader with a proven track record of success whose default mode is ACTION, not talk—a man who is very capable of repairing the disastrous Obama Administration’s destructions against America, the Black community, the White community, and especially the international community.

When Obama promised “change”, he did not say he was going to change our nation from bad to worse but that is what he did and there is no time left now to play around and hope some lackluster, talk only politician that typifies the presidential candidate line-up will suddenly change their spots and take wide sweeping corrective actions needed to save our nation and futures. Trump can and will.

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