Marxist America – Are Democrats Engineering Our Fall?

Under the unspoken terms of the modern progressive movement is the underlying ideology of socialism and the Marxist viewpoint that the Capitalist class must be removed from world society to make way for a more enlightened “classless society”.  It is important to understand this reality if one hopes to understand today’s Democrat Party and its growing base of socialists.  It is also important to understand how this ideology is working inside the party toward deliberately undermining the US economy while systematically lowering wages and the standard of living for most Americans toward ideological and party gains.

What most people do not understand is that Marxism predicts and facilitates a global mission. Forth World and Third World (“emerging”) economies and their people must be elevated a few degrees economically while First World countries reduced several levels until world economic equilibrium is obtained for all. In short, all humans must learn to live in poverty because there are not enough resources for us all to live like kings and queens.

in order to accelerate the downfall of America, the socialist have sought to increase their ranks inside the last remaining Superpower toward overtaking the entire political and ruling machine of the nation. They have been achieving their goal with a variety of engineered actions. Here is a short list of some of the more pronounced socialist achievements inside America and coming out of the Democrat Party (which is now mostly filled with “progressives” aka “Marxist” or “socialists”):

1) The installation of old and new progressive policies and laws have helped to install a self-destruct economic reality on America:

  • The installation of the Community Redevelopment Act is documented to invoke the 2008 Sub-prime mortgage melt-down that goes on to strip middle-class workers of over $11 trillion in wealth.
  • A push to open the border and legalize from 11 to 24 million illegal aliens from Third World nations (who largely cannot subsist without government aid) is established. A “catch and release” policy ensures those here unlawfully will remain here until progressive goals to legalize them and convert them into Democrat voters can be achieved.
  • A Democrat controlled Senate prepares and passes a 2012 Comprehensive Immigration reform measure that has a primary goal of allowing three times the level of current legal immigration. Progressives hope to bring as many as 6 million new and impoverished (lower paid) workers to the United States yearly toward accelerating social welfare and needed tax support bases as well as increasing Democrat party supports.
  • The unilateral passage of Obamacare will seek to overthrow 1/6th of the US economy and take healthcare control away from individuals to give it to central government. The dual purpose program will also force a mass financial debacle, accelerating healthcare costs across the country and thus stripping the middle-class of surplus or discretionary income that will, in turn, spiral down the consumer economy.

2) Since taking office, President Obama has deliberately sought to undermine the US dollar:

  • Obama will raise deficit spending by over 3-times the level of President Bush in his first year in office. He will continue adding an average of $1.3 trillion in new debt yearly while in office.
  • The Federal Reserve will deliberately  devalue the dollar at least three times during Obama’s presidency. They will conduct “quantitative easing” which is a code word for printing more money and using that paper to cancel debts owed. The world’s rating agencies will downgrade the US’s borrowing rating twice (toward forcing higher interest rates on government borrowing).

3) The federal government will continue invoking policies and regulations designed to deceive the American people into a false sense of economic security:

  • The Inflation Index is reconfigured to remove the costs of housing and food, the two most important costs in relations to a family’s survival. The American people will go on thinking inflation is running under about 2% when in fact it is over 8%.
  • Unemployment calculations will discontinue reporting the total number of workers actually out of work and will only report statistics of the those workers whose unemployment insurance payments have not yet exhausted. All others will be calculated as not in the work force or not looking for work so that Americans will have a better overall feel that the economy is improving when it’s not.

4) Democrats will push for the support of unbridled “globalism” starting with President Carter:

  • The party will continue to vote for and support the removal of all tariffs under the false claim that American’s need and want lower cost goods (not higher paying jobs).
  • Globalist agenda pushes will drive US manufacturing and high paying jobs offshore. Manufacturing and jobs will slip from being over 36% of GDP to a mere 6% by 2012 effectively stripping out over $2 trillion per year in domestic economic growth.
  • As the domestic economy abates domestic manufacturing and higher standards of living and wages to keep wages flat nearly three decades, Americans move into domestic cycle whereby they become dependent on foreign made goods. The process helps bar the return of manufacturing to the US due to higher costs and substandard wages (Americans simply cannot afford to buy products made by Americans anymore, hence globalism strips them of economic independence).

These and other progressive programs and actions are combining to strip the size and wealth of the middle-class and raise the size of the poverty class in America. Today, over 47 million Americans are unable to subsist without government handouts. Within 5-years, as progressives keep alive and demand the tweaking (not repealing) of Obamacare, and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, as many as 25 million more Americans are expected to have been added to the nation’s poverty rolls. Most of those in poverty will continue hold allegiance with the very party that engineered their poverty–the Democrat Party–simply because they are among a growing class of uneducated Americans largely unable to understand or comprehend the sophistication of the party’s economic engineering agenda and use of double-speak trickery.

Eventually, as poverty rolls increase, consumerism and standards of living decrease, it is clear that American will soon meet a crossroads of economic implosion. There will be a point where the whole economic machine will eventually be unable to operate because too many citizens are unable to actively contribute their labor to the machine or to reap enough earnings from it in order to support either themselves or the tax base or the consumer engine that runs the nation’s economy.

The socialist have essentially won through progressive guile. America, like Rome, is now burning. So when we feel out individual pain and see our family’s suffer during this economic decline period, we should send a letter to the Democrat Party and progressives and thank them for advancing the cause of Marxism. We should tell them we appreciate that they have been hiding behind the banner of socialism and social justice (code words for Marxism) for the betterment of all the world (as opposed to America and its citizens). We should let them know that we appreciate them engineering our economy toward Third World poverty so that the world can achieve economic equilibrium. Say hurrah for the end of individual wealth and embrace the New World Order.

Marxists believe, is an organisation of one class to suppress another class, the Socialist state is created to suppress the Capitalist Class or what they call the exploiting class) until all capitalist-countries have been defeated and all classes have been abolished. Marxists believe that if the working class makes itself the ruling class and destroys the objective basis for class society (private property, or what Marx called “Bourgeois Property,” relations) there will be a “classless society” – a society where no social groups are in conflict and there is no government anymore, and the state will be dismantled, organically, and it will be a borderless world with world-widecommunes and worker-organisation of production based on needs instead of profits.  —Wikipedia

So we ask the question once again: Marxist America – Are Democrats Engineering Our Fall?



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