Healthcare Solved With American Healthcare Act

The most complicated healthcare system ever devised was Obamacare. And many other complicated proposals have come forward before and since. However, nothing beats a system (or the cost of running it) that utilizes much of what is already in place.

What follows is a simple but extremely powerful healthcare law proposal that will do all the things that the Democrats and Obamacare promised (but did not deliver on) as well as many of the things that Republicans promised (but were not allowed to deliver on).

Healthcare Solution

The 10 top aspects of the proposed American Healthcare Act (AHA) are these:

  1. Abolish Obamacare and force all insurance companies to restore all previous policies for a minimum of 24 months to restore system integrity.
  2. Establish Medicare Uninsured Program (MUP), which allows those with qualifying (low) income to apply for and receive medical coverage on a sliding scale of cost participation (to a maximum income threshold). Any facility issuing medical care can help any patient file for temporary MUP coverage that will ensure such medical care costs are paid by MUP (MUP is then required to settle all costs and payment issues with the patient).
  3.  Remove state-line barriers to insurance and allow the free market to work nationally, giving citizens more choices for coverage, hence lower costs.
  4. Establish a National Medical Liability Standard (NMLS), whereby for certain standard medical treatments and respective claims, a standard negligence cost / reimbursement is listed (along with a maximum attorney fee) so that when most medical claims are initiated, they can be settled quickly and inexpensively. The key to being fair is to use statistics from past lawsuits and results that ensure fairness to patients and physicians. Equally, treatments that are not considered routine or where negligence cause death or dismemberment or loss of function, the NMLS would not be applicable (normal litigation would then be preferred). Also, for this sort of tort reform to work, NMLS Board would be required to set thresholds for physicians—if they have more than a set number of claims in a year (or accumulative), then they must be disallowed from performing that type of patient service in the future. In other words, physicians must be held accountable and bad doctors removed from the problem areas as part of the remedy of fairness for all sides.
  5. To offset all costs for all medical program subsidies (i.e. MUP) by the federal government, the federal government should install a corporate uninsured tax against all corporations with 100 or more employees total (including all their subsidiaries). Foreign corporations working inside the US or corporations who outsource out of the US or whose operations include offshoring should be made to pay an additional access penalty percentage of costs to make up for the workers they displace in the US.
  6. All immigrants coming to the US would be required to show proof of private medical insurance purchase for a period of 10-years prior to receiving official citizenship. Those who fail to meet such requirements must agree beforehand that they will self-deport or risk jail, fines, and permanent barring of citizenship. Such proof of insurance can be provided by the immigrant’s employer in lieu of self-purchase.
  7. Hospitals are required, by law, to now have a triage nurse on staff at all times in their emergency wards and any MUP or uninsured patient that does not require immediate medical attention must then be directed to the nearest non-emergency medical center (unless treatment, due to time and travel issues, would cause serious medical complication or issue or threaten life). This requirement will severely reduce emergency room visits by those who are not in need, and thus dramatically reduce costs nationally.
  8. All MUP patients can access any community clinic for standard healthcare services. All MUP patients also receive sliding scale costs medications for all approved formularies.
  9. No policy can deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions, however,insurance carriers can raise premium rates for those with such conditions. For those who cannot afford the added premiums, the Medicare Under-insured Premium-Aid Program (MUPAP) will then be made available to provide subsidies for the excess costs amounts (above the standard premium rate). MUPAP will be funded the exact same way as MUP.
  10. Ombudsman Advocate Service (OAS) shall be provided to each and every person within the sovereign borders of the United States or its territories. Anyone needing medical care or assistance in dealing with any insurance company or government program is entitled to access and use of OAS. The purpose of OAS is to act on behalf of the patient and their respective rights and to ensure compliance. The OAS will have the authority to file complaints against federal or private agencies or organization or any individual worker toward having the worker reprimanded or removed (such complaint filings shall be administered by the OAS Agency Judge). In other words, AHA seeks to ensure that everyone gets respect, dignity, fair treatment, and needed medical care or those who fail in that mission shall be held accountable.

Combined, these things will reduce over-all healthcare costs by over 30% nationally while insuring the uninsured and simultaneously providing the federal government with a way to pay for the subsidies. Instead of corporations paying their leaders 400 times the amount they pay their average workers, they will have to cut back to a lower 300 times level so the harms will be limited to those who can most afford the impacts.

There is now reason why we cannot insure all Americans have access to good healthcare that works and keeps costs down. Free markets should and must be allowed to work for the majority of Americans while we use existing systems (modified and expanded) to satisfy the needs of the minority who require assistance. In this way, we keep what is best in both government care as well as private care. And most importantly, we drive down costs for individuals, families, and small businesses–thus restoring economic balance that helps spurs job growth and ultimately GDP growth.

What’s Wrong With Obamacare?

When Nancy Pelosi (D), then Leader of the House, proposed the Affordable Care Act, the promises made sounded “too good to be true” and were never made good on. The country was spurred toward a major healthcare overhaul because of skyrocketing costs. What would later become known as Obamacare was promised as the big cost saver but turned out to be the largest cost increase to healthcare is over a century. It was, and remains, a complete failure in terms of its promises, but not for its lessens learned.

There are some simple things that could have worked far more effectively to bring down healthcare costs as well as cover the uninsured. taking the nation toward a single payer or socialist government only medical system was not one of them.

One of Obamacare’s needs was that it forced younger Americans to buy insurance in order that they could subsidize the costs of older Americans. The problem was the free market was effectively criminalized and a stringent government system was then invoked in order to achieve the concept. It did not work. Americans, especially younger Americans, are not stupid—they are not going to pay massive premiums for something they get no benefit from (much like Social Security taxes and benefits).

Healthcare became almost fascist under Obamacare. What the drafters had intended was that government would assume, eventually, all healthcare controls, thus assume control of all citizens. This was to be achieved by first making all medical programs paid for, in some way, by the government. Once this was done, then the government could invoke virtually any law it wanted to against Americans and justify it as being required to bring down medical costs. It was / is diabolical. In other words, Obamacare was more about eventually removing individual liberty from Americans than it was about helping Americans.**

The proposed system turned law failed to deliver on virtually everything it promised, especially the lowering of healthcare costs. In fact, because of mandated insurance coverage requirements such as no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, premiums skyrocketed for most individuals. The bill drafters understood that all previous policies would become obsolete under the new requirements and that millions of citizens would lose their coverage. In other words, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, et al knew the promises they were making were lies–“If you like your plan, you can keep you plan” or “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” were premeditated deceptions plied against voters on a grand scale.

So now what?

Fundamentally, there is no way to repair Obamacare because the very foundations are built on sand, not bedrock—the first rains will wash it all asunder no matter what is done going forward. The only real solution is to dismantle Obamacare and start afresh. And this time, start on the basis of bi-partisanship approach that seeks to lower healthcare costs but also ensure adequate medical care / coverage for those in need.

Hence AHA is forwarded because it meets all objectives and achieves much more–it does not destroy America’s healthcare system, instead, it strengthens it while driving down costs dramatically.

**[Most Americans are not aware of it, but the original draft of the Affordable Care Act included mandatory medical chipping of all US citizens. Medical chip implants can be used to spy on an individual’s every intimate detail, including food eaten, pills taken, beverages consumed, conversations made, people connected with, GPS tracking–it’s the ultimate spy machine. However, after savvy activists caught the plot and reported on it, the “chip clause” was quickly removed from the next version of the bill and Nancy Pelosi reportedly told the “chip supporters/promoters not to worry, the chip would be added later by amendment on another bill once the original bill passed.]


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