We currently support the impeachment of President Obama for the following reasons:

  1. Obama issued money in support of Palestinian Authority (a declared enemy of the United States, thus committing a technical act of high treason).
  2. Facts thus far indicate that Obama (and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton) were directly or indirectly involved with the criminal negligence that lead to the murder of a US Ambassador in Benghazi.
  3. The White House Administration has greatly expanded the destruction of Constitutional Rights for all Americans with executive orders and policies supporting: A) NSA/FBI spying on all Americans, B) military drone flights and surveillance over US soil targeting Americans, C) immigration policies that seek to destroy wages, standard of livings, economic opportunities, and prosperity for all Americans while promoting mass siphoning of the US Treasury to pay for an influx of an estimated 5-million Third World poverty class legal immigrants each year–immigrants who require welfare program assistance in order to survive (thus accelerating the national debt and economic collapse of the US dollar), D) the administration’s reckless expansion of government, spending and debt that is expected to force the total collapse of the US dollar in less than a decade (which is also calculated to cause massive death counts of innocent Americans, revolution, and collapse of the nation’s national security, E) and more.
  4. And for other potential reasons currently being investigated by our team.

We believe the American people will be better served if Obama-Biden resign their post and allow for a special national election of a new leader more able to understand the needs of the nation, people, and who has utmost respect for the US Constitution and Rights of the individual. We do not endorse any party or candidate.


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