We believe it is time to end the ubiquitous war on terrorism.

The federal government has stripped Americans of virtually all their Constitutional Rights with the implementation of the Patriot Act—which was done in the name of terrorism.

The events of 9-11 were not caused because there was not enough spying on all Americans by the NSA/CIA/FBI and other defense agencies. It was caused by a complete break-down of competency throughout the entire US intelligence community. Such agencies exist for one priority reason—to ensure freedom and liberty at home. Since 9-11, the federal government has placed the blame on everyone but itself in dealing with terrorist mishaps and events and sought to remove liberty from all US citizens by using the “terrorists card”.

If Americans must give up their liberty because US intelligence agencies can not longer serve the people and nation, then such agencies need to be de-funded and shut down for having failed their mission and purpose.

To date, the Lone Wolf Terrorist in the US has been proven not to be a national security threat—the Lone Wolf is technically incapable of causing major harm on the US infrastructure, cities, or aspects key to national security. Yet the federal government misrepresents the facts and dictates it needs more power and control over the US citizenry because of such threats. Hence there is no realistic need for creating an effective “police state” in the United States in the name of terrorist threats.

The only true threat to national security is the state sponsored terrorists. These groups are known to our foreign intelligence gathering units and agencies and they have long had the needed tools and ability to intercept and eliminate such threats without the need of the Patriot Act or other laws directed at removing the Constitutional Rights of Americans. Competency within the intelligence agencies is the primary threat because the lack of such allows state sponsors of terrorism to succeed where they should otherwise be made to fail.

State Sponsors of Terrorism Deterrent Policy

Lastly, weak US Foreign Policy also embolden’s state sponsors of terrorism. The United States has identified more than three major states who sponsor terrorism and it has the ability to shut down such threats through the issuance of a standard US deterrent policy. For example, the White House could send a national security directive communication to each terrorist state enemy and let them know that in the event of a major terrorist event on US soil, their nations will suffer a major, preemptive strike with weapons of mass destruction—whether the forensic evidence leads to them or not. The nation’s inability to stand tough on terrorist states is what helps encourage such behavior.

Cyber Terrorism Deterrent Policy

The US should maintain a standard cyber terrorism response policy that is simple: If a cyber attack originates in a foreign country, the Pentagon will immediately retaliate with a complete, no-holds-bar cyber attack on that country until its entire infrastructure, systems and business transaction are shut down. If the state act belligerently militarily, then preemptive strikes using weapons of mass destruction will be made.

Americans must remember, the world does not respect weakness–on strength and it fears those who would use their might by set policy, thus they tone down their attacks and harms accordingly.


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