Dealing With 11 Million Illegal Immigrants – The IIA Solution

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5) Protect Children and Families Through Rule of Law Act by Senator Ted Cruz (this act deals largely with illegal alien children and omits all key solutions)


Considered to be one of the most complex issues in American politics, immigration has become the corner stone for all that is wrong with Washington D.C. and its inability to render solution making. Too many politicians have once again refused to read a critical bill before passing it in the Senate and today, much confusion springs from what many claim is one of the most anti-America, anti-American bills ever passed by the Senate, commonly known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Sen-CIR).

Sen-CIR would allow up to 7.5 million new immigrants to flow into the US every year even if jobs are scarce and wages are depressed due to an over-saturation of labor in the market place. Over 90% of all new immigrants will require jobs so the question is, how does the US create 7.5 million new jobs yearly just to meet the immigration flow it intends to have? This is a tough, if not impossible question to answer given that the US is still not creating enough jobs yearly to satisfy the current workforce, let alone a massive new influx of incoming workers.

In fact, a 2010 Citizen America study has suggested that as many as 6 million high paying middle class jobs would be opened up to US workers once illegal alien workers have been returned to their homelands.

In 1986 Congress and President Reagan lied to the American people when they proclaimed that comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty would forever end illegal immigration to the US. Over 2 million illegal aliens were granted citizenship as a reward for their law breaking in exchange for the problem being ended–of course, the American people were fooled.

Today, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have teamed up against America again, proclaiming the Sen-CIR bill will permanently solve the problem. Facts prove differently.

The Sen-CIR does not install Mandatory E-Verify, does not make it a crime to be in the US illegally, does not make it mandatory that those who come to the US illegally must be deported, does not allow DHS/ICE to hold illegal aliens who are caught on US soil until their trial and deportations, does not remove the incentives that bring illegal aliens in the first place, and more. In other words, the key things that allow for the revolving door of illegal immigration have not been removed in the Sen-CIR bill. And instead of allowing about 2 million new, legal immigrants per year, the bill boosts the limit to 7.5 million per year–a blatant attempt to force higher paid US workers out of the job market in lieu of cheaper foreign workers.

In contrast, the Immigration Integrity Act (IIA) bill proposal deals strictly with the issue of ending illegal immigration.

Under current law, anyone who enters or stays in the US unlawfully must be deported unless they can show cause for staying (which is rare and exceptional). IIA is based on that basic principal but increases the scope of the laws and the tools used to abate illegal immigration at its roots. Illegal aliens are drawn to the US by both the jobs and citizenship handout magnets. IIA removes those magnets by automatically and permanently denying illegal aliens access to residency, citizenship, work visas and permits or government paid benefits for them and their family members. In other words, all potential rewards for coming to the US are eliminated by IIA.

One of the largest problems with the illegal immigration issue is that the White House has chosen to use the issue for poltics and not only refuses to solve the problem, but has instituted non-enforcement policies to greatly expand and compound the problem–further welcoming more illegal immigration to US shores.

IIA gives states, particularly border states, the right to supersede the federal government and protect their borders using all means deemed necessary and then to charge the cost to the federal government when the federal government fails to do its job completely (“completely” is defined as 100% enforcement of all immigration related laws and border security laws). IIA gives states the power to overcome national level gamesmanship and politics to solve the border invasion crisis.

While there are many more components to the IIA bill proposal, these basic measures, once passed into law, will ensure that over 11 million illegal aliens will return to their homeland voluntarily and without cost to taxpayers. Of the estimated 9-million jobs currently consumed by illegal aliens, as many as 6-million high paying jobs will then be opened up to US workers. The result will be minor shortage in labor that returns equilibrium to the labor-job market and helps boost US worker employment and wages (that have been previously falling due to excess labor in the market).

In other words, IIA would install higher wages for US citizen workers and ensure more income, hence more consumption power for consumers, which creates a more robust economy with a higher standard of living for all.

The only problem with IIA is that Capitol Hill is bought and paid for by special interests that either wants to saturate the US with illiterate Third World voters who tend to vote Democrat (and,must supplement their lower wages with social welfare handouts at taxpayer’s expense) or with cheap foreign labor that is used to working for cut-rate wages that help corporations reap higher profits while shedding more costly US citizen workers. In other words, special interest corruption of party politics and corporate interests have trumped the needs of America and the American people. True solution making remains radioactive!

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