Facts Prove Liberals Racist Against Blacks And Non-Latinos

It’s a story the mainstream news refuses to report on because it does not fit with their liberal, racist and criminal-based agenda–the issue of Democrat support for felony immigrants and pervasive Liberal and Latino-based racism (especially against Blacks).

Across the nation, media outlets such as MSNBC and many others routinely tout the need to legalize 8 to 9 million felony perpetrating immigrants in the US illegally. They refuse to face the legal realities that every time an illegal alien files employment paperwork, they are in fact committing as many as three felonies. Nobody speaks about the reality that illegal aliens are stealing jobs from US citizens or legal immigrants, let alone the Black worker. This level of mass criminal activity is rare in the US but is wholly supported by left-wing liberals and particularly Latino voters whose majority will not support any candidate that supports law and order immigration.

While countries like Mexico have intensely studied in-country Latino-based racism and definitively proven the vast majority of Mexicans are strongly oriented to racism, particularly against Blacks and Indians (largely due to the fact such countries have never had a Civil Rights movement in which to learn new social constructs), the reality is most US policy makers have been willing to overlook the mass importation of racist Latinos to America. It as though Dr. King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in the the United States never happened and had to somehow be washed away through the Hispanic-only immigration saturation process.

We do not need intense studies to prove the left-wing and liberals are racists against Blacks and other world ethnicities because we can look at their record of blindly and obsessively supporting Latino-based immigration. These groups largely exclude most immigrants of the world or their Rights to have access to US immigration. It’s as though the Liberals and Latinos have teamed up to build a new form of racism against the rest of the world.

Immigrants from Africa–who cares! Immigrants from Japan—who cares! Immigrants from Mexico—everybody come in and do not worry about breaking all our laws to do it! This is the clear message that comes from the liberal left and media such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and sometimes even Fox and many others. The question is, where did this focus on perpetuating Latino-based racism come from? Why are Americans supporting such racism? how come Black leaders not outraged?

As a Black woman, I want to know and I am not the only one in America!

…I wonder why supporters of illegal aliens show virtually no concern for the hundreds of millions of Africans who live in countries with exceptionally high child mortality rates and the lowest overall life expectancies in the world.

For example, why is there so much focus on the plight of citizens of Mexico who have a life expectancy of 76 years, as opposed to the citizens of Liberia who have a life expectancy of 42 years? And why do we only hear about the problems of Latino children when the child mortality rate, education levels, and overall health of African children are many times worse?

Why don’t liberals demand diversity and affirmative action in illegal immigration rather than supporting a system where well over 75% of all illegal aliens are from a single ethic group (Hispanic) and where 61% of illegal aliens come from just one country (Mexico)?

Why don’t compassionate conservatives call for a path to citizenship for Africans from the 17 countries where per capita income is less than three dollars per day, rather than favoring illegal aliens from Mexico which has an annual per capita income of $14,200.

Why do America’s religious leaders support legalization of people who have violated United States immigration laws and who routinely commit multiple, job-related felonies that cause serious harm to millions of American men, women, and children rather than advocating for a path to citizenship for highly vulnerable Africans who are playing by the rules?

Why do La RazaLULAC, and other Latino groups support comprehensive immigration reform that so clearly discriminates in favor of citizens from Mexico at the expense of much more desperate people from Africa and even from Latin America?

Source: “What Do Amnesty Advocates Have Against Blacks?” by  Ronald Mortensen,  Reprinted by the Center For Immigration Studies  (Oct 26 2009)


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