GOP Supports Anti US Worker and Racist Immigration Policies

As the immigration issue rises in the House, it is becoming clear that the Republican Party has shifted to an anti US worker and racist policy.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) told journalist Candy Crowley on her weekly program “State of the Union” (airing 2-2-14) that he supported the need to dramatically increase legal immigration. The “read between the lines” policy was clear by implication and is one that is echoing strongly throughout much of the GOP. In short, Jindal’s position is one that supports flooding the US market with cheaper foreign workers in order to undermine the entire US citizen labor force and its wages as well as our national economy.

Using numbers provided by the federal government, we learn that legal immigration, including temporary worker visas, accounted for approximately 3 million new workers to the US each year for the last decade. Additionally, the Pew Research Center reports that about 8 million felony perpetrating illegal aliens have also consumed the jobs of US workers. Thus 38 million new workers have been added to our economy in spite of the fact the US only created less than 3 million new net jobs (according to the Labor Dept.) over the same period.

Jindal’s remarks come on the heels of other RINOs in the Republican Party that now include Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and remarkably Rand Paul as well as many others who have made similar policy statements to the press in the last year. Apparently, it is the GOP’s overriding position that the party support legislation that will continue to flood the US market with cheaper foreign labor in order to help drive down wages for all Americans, hence lower business costs toward boosting profits–citizen workers be damned.  

The Republicans neither mention the economics of over-immigration, over-population, or over-supply of the labor market, nor the realities that higher immigration numbers dramatically hurt the Hispanic and Black worker communities many times worse than Asians and Whites. The discussion on wage disparity (i.e. wage inequality, etc.) has focused away from one of the strongest causes of lower wages and standards of living in America, which is the over-saturation of the labor supply with cheap foreign workers.

GOP Policies Also Promote Racism Against Blacks 

Blacks suffer from Unemployment and Underemployment Hell at 5-times the rates of Whites. Much of the problem is that the Black community is forced to compete with much lower paid illegal and legal immigrant labor. The Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform, (if similar aspects are passed in the House), would exasperate the problem by adding an additional 4.5 million new immigrant workers per year on top of the 3 million already flowing into the US legally. Such an immigration policy turned law would likely raise Black and Hispanic Economic Hell by double today’s harm rate. However the GOP is either unconcerned about this fact or is unable to articulate and communicate it effectively toward combating the Democrats who actively promote it.

Immigration Laws Are Discriminatory Against Blacks, Whites, and Asians But GOP Policies Support It

Worse, the GOP’s policy positions on immigration clearly discriminate against Black immigrants and push racist policies that favor Latino immigrants over all other races. Currently, close to 90% of all immigrants coming to the US are Latino. Blacks, especially those from Africa, have been essentially banned by the government and by Dem and GOP immigration policies (as shown by vote action and supports). European immigrants are also frowned on as are those of hundreds of other ethnic groups around the globe. Instead both the Democrats and Republicans have forged an unholly alliance of lawmaker condoned racism and discrimination when it comes to America’s official immigration policies.

GOP Turns Anti Law-and-Order Too!

Additionally, the GOP has joined the Democrats and appears to support policies that will allow an estimated 8 to 9 million illegal alien workers (and another 3 to 4 million non-workers) to remain in the country indefinitely, which is essentially “amnesty”. We define amnesty as any plan that allows those in the US unlawfully to remain in the US (for what amounts to be a reward for their felony behavior). Schemes to ensure illegal alien criminals can stay in the US include what GOP leaders call fair and reasonable punishment, such a waiting for a decade to become citizens, paying “slap-on-the-wrists” fines and other placating scams designed to deceive the public that law enforcement is being attended to (never mind the fact that this group’s collective criminal behavior has been documented to have culled over $1 trillion from the US Treasury in the form of financial harms to the entire nation and taxpayers). 

Additionally, the GOP still refuses to acknowledge that illegal aliens are stealing millions of high and medium paying jobs from Americans by using false documents, perjury, and felonious criminal acts in order to achieve their unlawful employment status (the same behavior that would put a US citizen in jail for up to 5-years). This shows the GOP, on the whole, has largely transitioned to a RINO platform and has essentially forsaken its basic supports of traditional conservationism. It proves the party has forsaken family values and is now willing to teach the nation’s children by example that criminal behavior will be substantially rewarded with one of the best prizes of all—US residency and citizenship.

Republican leaders have never once considered the TARA bill proposal that would permanently end illegal immigration within 24 months at $0 net cost to taxpayers and with complete effectiveness guaranteed–all without adding any burden to law enforcement, nation or taxpayers (i.e. and it does not require Draconian measures like mass round-ups or breaking families apart). The party’s reluctance to openly debate the only real and just solution that can actually end the issue of illegal immigration forever shows the party has forsake not only its roots, but the American people and nation. The party has, instead chosen to serve itself, not voters.

The Selling Out Of Traditional Conservative Values To Radical Fringe Groups

What is worse is that the GOP seems to believe it must sell-out conservative values such as respect for law-and-order and the Constitution and needs of citizens (i.e. the Rights of citizens to opportunity and the pursuit of happiness, etc.) in exchange for pandering to radical fringe groups in the Latino community of voters. Such groups are demanding immigration lawlessness and a Wild West approach to law and order that dictates other Latinos will be able to come to the US either illegally or legally in mass, regardless of the damage it might impose on the nation, economy, quality of life, opportunities, diversity, US workers, or other aspects of the issues. In other words, they seek to help Latinos at the expense of all other races and American citizens and the nation itself. And yet the mainstream press, including Fox, has chosen to lend this pursuit legitimacy instead of exposing it for what it is—racism pushed by racist Latinos.

What this shows us is that the GOP is losing its base at the expense of trying to secure the votes of a fringe, criminally minded community of tribalist-minded Latinos who appear to have the vocal majority across the mainstream media and the power to trick a large swath of the normal Latino population into believing such policies will help them.

The Social Security Immigration Lie Is Still Alive

Even though virtually all lawmakers have a higher education, it is still shocking to see just how many have been fooled into accepting that the country needs a mass influx of new immigrants in order to save Social Security for future generations. It’s not true, even remotely, but such a lie was once forwarded and has miraculously stuck. Many in the GOP still believe this fallacy. The fact is that our current (and Senate projected) immigration policies are actually undermining the entire Social Security program because we are adding immigrants to the nation who will largely rely on government assistance programs for the remainder of the lives, thus increasing the over-all burden to taxpayers (Source: federal government – GAO, CBO, INS/ICE/DHS).

However, the bigger problem that the GOP overlooks is the fact that immigrants consume jobs and need jobs in order to pay into the Social Security system. This is very difficult when the US has only created less than 3 million new net jobs in 10-years—the math does not work and can never work so long as the nation imports more workers than it has jobs for them to take. Furthermore, immigrants work for less, according to the Labor Department, hence they pay a smaller amount into the Social Security fund that US citizens.

The Short List Of GOP Policies Of Harm

These are some of the policy positions that the GOP tends to actually support in 2014 (albeit we are taking the political spin off their statements):

  • Break down in law and order on a national scale by condoning criminal behavior.
  • Upholding of the White House’s power-grab that has effectively waived enforcement of many immigration and employment laws toward the higher agenda of mass scale worker and economic security disruption.
  • Higher importation of lower costing Third World labor (most immigrants to the US, according the Department of Homeland Security, come from Third World nations, nearly 90% from Latin America).
  • Across the board wage devaluation for all US workers through the process of over-supply to the labor market and under demand in the job market.
  • An over-all disintegration of the US economy through long-term wage devaluation policies that remove buying power from consumers through lower wage and benefit payouts (workers have less money to spend on the goods and services businesses provide, thus forcing many businesses to shut down).
  • The continued downward cycle or “race to the bottom” economic policies that fail to directly tie immigration to Real Unemployment and economic needs of the nation on the whole.

In other words, the GOP appears to support a national policy of stripping wages, wealth, and opportunities from American citizens and legal immigrants and giving it away to foreigners on a mass scale.

The Real Message – The GOP Needs To Wise Up And Fly Right

One of the last things America needs right now is the disintegration of the conservative-to-moderate party in the US that is able to keep the progressive-socialist or big government party from assuming full destructive control of the nation. The country cannot withstand anymore scams like those seen from the current White House such as Obamacare, Carbon Tax, ad infinitim.

The party does not seem to fully recognize what it has become. It needs to take a bird’s eye view of itself and re-calibrate if it truly wants to help America and Americans. The Democrat Party has amply proven itself as a polarizing agent that fears true solution making in lieu of power grabbing and it’s now up to the GOP to take the high road and actually re-install the party’s moral grounding and integrity toward rebuilding our workforce, its wages and higher standards of living, our economy, and finally our GDP and nation.





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